Being a Stay at Home Mom IS work!

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I’m certain this is likely a typical gripe amongst the SAHM demographic.  What I’d like to know is how any of you have convinced your significant other that sometimes you need more help?

I’ve expressed my being flattered that my dear husband thinks I’m Super Woman – and there are days I feel like it – but I usually feel so drained after my day that the thought of starting a new one drains me further.  There have been several times that my dear husband has made a comment like ‘I have to go to work’ and quickly recovers by adding “I mean getting up and going to work”.  I know he knows I work, but I don’t think he understands the magnitude of what a stay at home mom does and how many busy hours we actually put in.

Being a Stay at Home Mom IS Work!

So what is it we SAHMs do?

– Basic Needs – feeding, bathing and getting ready two individuals (more if you have more kids)
– Entertaining and chasing
– Educating
– Socializing with other kids
– Cleaning
– Cooking
– Constant laundry – yes this counts as cleaning BUT with a baby it’s like a never ending pile of laundry exists
– Managing stock of baby and household items

Stay at Home Moms are:

  • activity planners
  • office managers
  • maids
  • childcare
  • cooks
  • chauffeurs …

Why do I feel I’m missing things?

Let’s not forget the fact that most things are NOT on my schedule, rather baby’s schedule.  The simple act of a restroom break must either fall during a nap OR very quickly while baby’s hopefully entertaining herself with her toys instead of grabbing for things on the coffee table.  Eating doesn’t always occur when I need food, but when I get a moment (thankfully I’ve always been a fast eater, so that helps!).

I love the opportunity I’ve been given to stay home with my daughter to monitor and contribute to every moment of her development.  This IS what I had asked for and I’m grateful – frankly I don’t believe I could handle a traditional 8 hour job to come home to all the requirements after, but that shouldn’t mean he believes I don’t need a little help, or a regular break.

What did I miss on my list (I’m still fairly new at this mommy thing)? How have you been able to get through to your significant other?  Or are you still in this phase?


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