How To Catch a Lizard In The House

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Would you think you need to know how to catch a lizard in the house as part of your homemaking duties?  Well, when no one else is home, it’s up to you!

I don’t know about you, but I’m seriously not cool with lizards.   Well, at least not in the house.  And not near me.

I mean, it’s not like I hate them.  I have a healthy enough respect for them and wouldn’t like to hurt or kill one, you know?  Not intentionally, anyway.

But, in the heat of the moment, when I’m surprised by a lizard in the house, I won’t be held responsible for my actions.  Sometimes logic isn’t my strong suit depending on how I’ve been surprised.

So, the other day, I was busy with my housekeeping and moved my trash can to hand-wash the tile floor.  I noticed a strange spot on the back of the trashcan that looked like the black plastic had been cut and peeled up.  You know how plastic looks when it’s been cut, right?

When I bent over to inspect the area, the lizard ran.

I jumped.

My heart was racing.

Oh my god.  How do I catch this lizard in my house?

How to catch a lizard in the house and release it outside without calling on the guys and without touching it |

My expert lizard catcher (Shelby, our seven year old daughter) wasn’t home.  And, I wasn’t planning on touching him.  So, I had to remember how to catch a lizard in the house on my own!

Wanna know my secret to catching a lizard without touching it?

How to Catch a Lizard in the House

Now this is just one of several methods of catching a lizard inside.  It’s the only method I’ve ever used because I’ve always needed to catch a lizard quickly to get him out of the house fast!

Supplies Needed to Catch a Lizard

Gloves (if you don’t want to touch the lizard)

Paper plate (something sturdy like these)

Clear plastic bowl or cup (choose something with straight edges to ensure a good seal on a flat surface)

Scissors (to cut the lip off  your plate to make a flat edge)

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If at all possible, keep an eye on the location of your lizard.  This method is only useful if you actually know where your lizard is!

How to catch a lizard in the house. Supplies - plate, bowl, scissors |

Cut the rounded edge off the paper plate so that there’s enough room to slide it under your bowl or cup.

Now, gather your plate and bowl (or cup).

Trapped lizard in old plastic bowl |

First, trap your lizard by placing the bowl or cup over him.  Make no mistake … you must be fast.

Caught lizard in the house using plastic bowl and paper plate |

Next, slide the paper plate under the bowl.  You’ll need to do it slowly so that the lizard tries to step onto the plate.  Be sure to slide it completely under the bowl, so there’s no path of escape for the lizard.

Keep one hand over the bowl and the other hand under the plate.

Walk it over to the door and set it down gently.

After catching lizard in the house, open the door to release him |

Open the door.

Removing a lizard from my home; releasing the lizard back to the outdoors |

Carefully grab the bowl and plate so as not to create a gap, walk it outside, then open the side away from you toward the area you want the lizard to go to.

Congratulations!  You now know how to catch a lizard in the house and remove him without touching him.

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