Dyson DC41 Animal Review

by Ivy B
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In the market for a new vacuum cleaner?  Don’t dismiss this one based on cost – you get what you pay for!

In March, we upgraded from an old hand-me-down Hoover Wind Tunnel vacuum to a new Dyson DC41 Animal.  The reason?  I’m not a neat freak, but when I’d pick up my fur-covered baby (who was, at the time, rolling around the floor) I was grossed out because she could be covered in this fur the moment I was finished vacuuming.  I knew it was a possible allergy issue and the fact that it made it seem as though I never vacuumed was disturbing.

After researching our options, and looking for something to tackle pet hair (we have two small dogs), my husband and I agreed to give the Dyson DC41 Animal a try.
The first time we used it, we had to dump the canister twice for a 1017 sq ft home.  It filled up quickly with tons of hair, fur, and sand … it was like having our own mini furry beach (without water) in a canister.

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Dyson DC41 Animal vacuum review

What I like about the Dyson DC41 Animal:

*It picks up hair like crazy!
*The first time you use it, it may make you feel like you were the dirtiest family on the block, but I love that I can SEE the results while I work.
*I don’t need the extra attachment to suck up things against the wall, so I’m not having to constantly go back with the attachments, leaving those for more deep cleaning days!
*I love that the brushes stop when I hit tile or my pergo flooring – perfect for transitioning all through the house without having to stop and fight to lift the rollers manually!
*With a little practice, this wonderful vacuum is so much more maneuverable than any vacuum I’ve tried – able to quickly turn corners means less 3-point turns and less work on your body.
*Takes up less space in our small hall closet because it’s not as heavy and bulky.
*Plenty of cord to reach the entire living room/dining room combo and into our bedroom. (note, it is not a retractable cord, but this wasn’t an issue for me)

My least favorite things about the Dyson DC41 Animal:

  • The attachment hose isn’t as flexible as I would like – this makes using the mini-turbine head or other attachments difficult if you’re trying to face the suction downward.  At a 90 degree angle or higher, it’s perfect.  I’m hoping the hose will become more flexible with more use, but not at the expense of breakage.
  • It’s possible that I haven’t used it correctly – perhaps I could angle the actual vacuum handle and try to use it as a canister style, but I haven’t tried that yet.
  • I’ve never been a fan of a canister vacuum because of the way in which disposal allows for the dust and dirt particles to fly around, sometimes leading to an extra cleanup around the trash can if done inside.

Overall, my opinion of the Dyson DC41 Animal is a high one.  I’m impressed with the results every time, and love that my little munchkin isn’t always covered in dog fur.  The price was a little hefty, but I believe it was the best investment we could have made! I know the old saying “you get what you pay for” and we certainly did – one awesome machine that doesn’t leave me feeling like my efforts were wasted!

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Patty A August 10, 2012 - 6:49 pm

I need a new vacuum and loving this one!


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