Featured Game: “Tricky Fingers” – Review

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My husband and I recently sat down to play Tricky Fingers from Discovery Toys set and it was instantly a favorite!
This fun game comes with 14 pattern cards and 2 puzzle boxes.  The object of the game (no matter which way you play) is to manipulate the colored balls in the boxes as quickly as you can into the pattern of the card flipped.


For Solo play, beat your own time at the patterns.  For competition, have someone draw a card, and the 2 players begin making their patterns – the first one to finish correctly wins! This game takes critical thinking skills, as the puzzle boxes are designed so that you cannot jump ball over ball, rather calculate your moves or get stuck and back-track.
Tricky Fingers is designed for ages 7 & up, but my husband and I, in our 30s, thoroughly enjoyed challenging each other in this game of speed and strategy!  I could see it as a fun tournament style game with your friends or having multiple sets for a group to compete against each other simultaneously!

Here are some of the benefits, as mentioned by Discovery Toys:

  • Build critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and pattern recognition skills.
  • Foster visual perception skills, spatial relationships, and hand-eye coordination.
  • Develop ability to plan strategies.
  • Can be played alone or with others.
  • Develop patience and frustration tolerance.
  • Customize game with blank pattern cards.
  • Increase ability to focus with “fidget-friendly” game.
  • A game where children have the advantage over their parents.
  • A great alternative to other “finger-friendly” devices.


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