Haunted by a Pinterest Pin! Try this recipe pin instead!

by Ivy B
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When I started pinning on Pinterest, I was doing so not thinking about the potential for “re-pins.”  I began pinning recipes to help me get out of a rut with my cooking and pinned a delicious looking potato soup recipe. Little did I know it was going to haunt me later!

I tried cooking said recipe and it turned out awful!  I’m not a great cook and I’m almost certain I messed something up for it to come out the way it did.  The end result tasted like flour … just flour.  Horrible.

Since then, I’ve received notifications almost daily that someone re-pinned that pin regardless of my note that it didn’t turn out well.  (If you must see the pin, you can find the recipe here).

I’ve since learned how to stop receiving messages every time the recipe gets pinned, so less haunting, though even once a day finding out that anyone pinned that atrocity will haunt me.  (And, if you’ve tried it with better results, could you do me a favor and let me know?)

So, if you want to know of a better recipe, be sure to check this one out!  It’s been tried and went over VERY well with the whole family.  To top it off, it’s a gluten free recipe!!

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