Make Your Own Educational Dry Erase Activity Book

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I originally got the idea of making a dry erase book from my tot as I scoured the web for dry-erase activity sets to help with home preschool work.  I found some sites showing some good ideas about making your own by printing worksheets from the many available sources online, which I began to do until I came across some other exciting and inexpensive ideas.  Here’s a list of supplies and other inexpensive ways to create your tot’s dry erase activity book.

DIY educational dry erase activity book

I love that I can find various printables in themes I wish to discuss, including holidays, in our home preschool work.  But, to be honest, I don’t like using all the ink in my printer to essentially print out coloring books.  On a trip to Dollar Tree several months ago, I came across educational activity work books with tear out sheets – the first sets were Sesame Street and some basic books.  One a more recent trip to Dollar Tree, I score Mickey Mouse books (pictured here)

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 Mickey Disney educational workbooks

How to make your own educational dry erase activity book:

Pick up some educational workbooks that are perforated for tearing out the sheets.  Often, you can find fabulous workbooks at the Dollar Tree!

educational workbooks with tear out sheets


Pick up some heavy weight sheet protectors – you want the super smooth kind because the cheap rough ones will give you a work out trying to wipe off the dry erase crayons!
sheet protectors for dry erase activity book

Img source:

Tear out your pages and place a single page into a page protector (if you’re using internet printouts that are single-sided, place 2 pages in one protector front and back).  Grab a binder that’s large enough to hold all your printouts or tear sheets (mine pictured isn’t large enough) and don’t forget your Crayola Dry Erase Crayons (bright)!

diy preschool dry erase educational workbook
Customize the cover with decorations, markers, etc to have a complete personalized activity book

What a great way to get the most use out of your activities! 

Want another dry erase idea?

DIY Dry Erase Toddler Chore Chart




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