Making Some Changes

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I’ve been thinking about my interests, and how they align (or not) with this blog, which remains my big project!  I’ve decided that I will work on two other blogs to separate some of my interests that may not fit your interests. 

In hopes of continuing to bring you the content you WANT from me, I’ve created two blogs.  One for sweepstakes and the other for my gluten free journey as I deal with some health challenges.

Of course, if you have an interest in either (or both) of those blogs, you’re welcome to join me.  Just please understand they’re a work in progress.


Gluten Free

If you’re not interested in those, I hope that you’ll still plan to stick around here for my reviews, giveaways, and random posts!

Additionally, I’ve made some changes to the blog layout, again.  I’ve changed up the follow buttons and am phasing out the little share buttons in each post.  You’ll now find scrolling share buttons on the left side of the page.  I believe this cleans up the blog, as a whole.  

What do you think of my changes?

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