Mommy Rule #2 – Instincts

by Ivy B
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Mommy Rule #2

Trust your instincts.
Even first time moms “know” what’s up, they just have to trust their motherly intuition. 
I say this as a woman who has always listened to her gut instincts, which rarely were wrong.  Maybe you’ve not been in tune with your instincts, but I would be willing to bet you will be naturally in tune with them when you have a baby.
Doctors misdiagnosed my baby with something that could have been devastating and I knew they were wrong.  Turns out, they WERE wrong, but because I didn’t get a second opinion, my daughter ended up having unnecessary surgery for the doctors to determine they were wrong.

Listen to your instincts!  If something doesn’t feel right, at least get a second opinion 😉

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