Mommy Rule #5 – Make Noise

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Ivy's Variety mommy rule #5
Mommy Rule #5
Put baby to bed and make noise!

I’m not kidding.

During nap times (if you’re not in need of one yourself – go back to rule #4), make sure to make all the noise you need to make.  Cook, clean, watch TV, play music …

I’ve been the guest in a house of a child who couldn’t sleep through noise.  I also know a family that couldn’t use the restroom beside their child’s room – when guests were over they had to use the master bathroom so that the flush wouldn’t wake the baby.  It’s uncomfortable.

As the parent of a child who I trained to sleep through everything, I couldn’t be happier.  She’s slept through dogs barking (in and out of our home), doorbells, loud knocking, car alarms, passing vehicles missing exhaust pipes, blaring bass in the middle of the night, phone calls, visiting company, vacuuming, and who knows what else.

If you don’t start this, you’re going to suffer too – barely able to hear TV, inability to use rooms beside your child’s room, worried that Fedex will ring your doorbell with a package that you’re eagerly anticipating …. you get the picture.

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