Mommy Rule #9 – Competition

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Ivy's Variety Mommy Rule #9

Mommy Rule #9
Squash the Competition

Wait wait wait … let’s not get violent!  Let me explain.

For some reason, once there are children involved in a woman’s life, there seems to be this nasty competition disease that rears its ugly head.  It just seems like a natural course of progression.

Maybe you’re thinking “I’m doing this stuff all-natural, breast feeding, cloth diapers, making my own baby food, and vacuuming with the little one attached to my breast all content. Oh, and my 2 year old was a genius baby at one because I did everything right.”

Then again, maybe this is you: “I’m not cooking and cleaning as often as I should, but I’m pouring myself into finding fun and educational activities appropriate for my child’s age and trying to socialize him since he’s not in day care.”

At some point or other, I feel like I was in BOTH of those scenarios.  Let me tell you something … as parents, we need to stop being so competitive (and judgmental) of other parents AND we need to stop feeling like we need to live up to others standards.

Here’s why

Because what you’re doing for you and your family is probably right for you.  Parenting isn’t a one-size fits all model because no parent or child is the same, especially as a combo.   If this post slaps you in the face because you realize you’re judgmental, just remember, you did what worked for you so that makes you the expert on you and your family.

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