One Awesome Way to Buy Healthier On a Budget

by Ivy B
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It is possible to shop for products keeping health and toxins in mind for the entire family and still be budget friendly.  How Brandless makes healthier more affordable.  A MomsMeet sponsored post about Brandless and Organic Cheese Duck Crackers non-GMO snacks.

We’re a family of snackers, and honestly, the easier the better.

Unfortunately, easy snacking usually means grabbing pre-packaged foods we purchase at the grocery store.  And with kids who sometimes seem to snack more than they eat regular food (ah hem …2 year old), the grocery bill can get pretty costly.  Especially when you try to combat the not-so-healthy snacking by offering more organic foods and non-GMO snacks.

As much as I love feeding our family organic, it’s not always the most affordable.  As with everything, I have to find a balance in order for us to live comfortably and pay for the occasional costly medical bills for myself, put the kids in soccer, and let them have some splurges.  So, I admit, I go with some food choices I don’t necessarily agree with because … well … I don’t want our grocery bill to cost more than a car payment.

I received a fabulous kit from Brandless, in partnership with Moms Meet ( in exchange for my honest opinions in this post.  Compensation was also provided to facilitate this post.

Have you heard of Brandless?

Everything is $3.


Now, I needed to tell you that first, because it changes almost everything about the way I can shop.  And, this helps me to incorporate healthier products (and those snacks I was talking about) into our household without breaking the bank.

If you stay tuned … I’m also going to share a special discount with you to make your own purchases at Brandless!

Feeding your family healthy and non-gmo products on a budget. Brandless is my secret to affordable non-GMO and organic products for our family of four |

How I Can Afford More Non-GMO Snacks and Healthier Products

Brandless organic cheese duck crackers non-GMO snack for $3 |

Part of my kit included this fabulous box of Organic Cheese Duck Crackers.  A 5.5 oz box of organic cheese crackers. Three dollars.

I mean, this is a game changer, in my opinion because that’s almost big brand non-organic prices.  And, I don’t have to go to the store or pay a markup to have these delivered through my grocery delivery service.

What I love about the Brandless Organic Cheese Duck Crackers is that they’re non-GMO (a label I prefer to see on our food packaging), certified USDA organic, and contains no artificial flavors or preservatives.

toddler with brandless organic cheese duck crackers non-gmo snack

So, I’m feeding my kids a healthier product I feel better about without the feelings of guilt that come with the usually higher cost to do so.  Plus, we can share the healthy goodness with our friends … because what little kid doesn’t want to share (or have food shared with them)?

toddler hand in bowl of Brandless organic cheese duck crackers non-gmo snack

On a soccer practice night, dinner is put off for later.  We start with B’s practice, leaving him bored and hungry while big sis plays.  Many of these nights, he loads up on snacks while he waits.  So, knowing he’s loading up on non-GMO snacks makes me feel better.

The awesome part is that, while these didn’t cost much more than a national brand, he mistook them for that brand.  Even hubby and big sis couldn’t really tell the difference … the only thing that gave them away was their shape.  So, I can feel good about feeding my family a better-for-you product that they actually liked!

big girl at soccer practice with bag of brandless organic cheese duck crackers non-gmo snacks

This is what I call balance.

Earth Mama Organics

TIP:  If your kids don’t eat these non-GMO snacks in the first day (like mine tried to do), store the remainder of the contents in a cool dry place, closed tightly in a sealed bag or container.

Back of brandless organic cheese duck crackers box with crackers in a bag

More About Brandless

Okay, so I know you want to hear more about Brandless.

Brandless is exactly that.  And because they’re not associated with a higher cost national brand, you’re not paying those hidden fees … or BrandTax™.

So, Brandless is able to sell their products for $3 and it’s all sorts of better-for-you products.  By using Brandless, you’re able to get things like non-toxic cleaners, clean beauty products, and yummy organic snacks (like the Organic Cheese Duck Crackers) without blowing your budget.

I was just in a conversation with a friend who was disappointed an app had “sold out” and was not rating known toxic products any longer.  If things like this concern you (like they do me), you’ll love to hear that Brandless bans many harmful ingredients from their beauty products.  Their food is all non-GMO.  Why?  Because they care about people!

It’s Not Just About the Non-GMO Snacks

My Brandless MomsMeet Blogger Kit #momsmeet #sponsored

I can’t believe all these items were $3 each.  Can you?  This is what was in my MomsMeet & Brandless Blogger Kit:

Organic Beef Jerky

Cookie Thins – Chocolate Chip

Organic Cheese Ducks

Tomato Basil Hummus Chips

Aged White Cheddar Partial Pops

Lemon Verbena Surface Cleaning Wipes 35ct

Body Lotion –  Green Tea & Aloe

Body Wash – Green Tea and Aloe

Gel Hand Soap – Eucalyptus & Lavender

I have absolutely loved the variety of items I can get with fewer of the bad stuff in them.  At the same time, I’m not blowing my budget buying healthier stuff at a higher price than I’m typically already paying anyway.

Questionables (for me)

#1 No Refill Packs

Okay, so I can tout the amazing cost of items at $3 each all day long.  However, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about one thought I had when signing up for my annual membership.ll thes

Here’s where there needs to be an improvement, in my opinion.  When I love a cleaning product enough to buy it religiously, I prefer not to purchase another soap pump bottle.  I like to purchase larger refill packaging to pour into my existing pump or spray bottle.

This is often even more cost effective and saves me from having to make purchases more frequently.

At this time, Brandless doesn’t offer that.  So, when our hand or dish soap runs out, I have to buy another small soap to replace it.  This, to me, is where I’d have a hangup.

While buying these items costs about the same as I would pay for national brands (that might not be as healthy) in the store, I would still like the ability to buy refill packs to reduce waste and help save more money.

#2 Annual Membership

While $36 a year isn’t much, it still factors into the cost of every item, though it takes care of any shipping costs if you don’t reach the $39+ order requirement for free shipping.

I’m on the fence about my feelings on the annual membership cost.

I feel as though you could easily accrue a $39 order and not have to worry about shipping, so why would you need the membership?

However, if you need a quick stock up and don’t qualify for free shipping, maybe you would need this.

There is a nice upside to the annual membership, still.  When you join, Brandless will donate 10 meals to Feeding America (on your behalf), and then 2 more every time you place another order.

If you want to try Brandless but don’t want to spend $36 on a membership, I feel ya.  Right now, you don’t have to!  Brandless is offering my readers a 33% discount on the annual membership.  That equates to $24 for your first year, or $2 per month.  And best of all, they’re still committed to donating those meals on your behalf.  If that sounds good, just click the big link below:

YES, I want a Brandless Membership at 33% off for the first year!

If you’d like to learn more about Brandless, follow them on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, and

Healthy on a budget? It's possible to buy affordable healthy and non-gmo or organic food for less. Outfit your home with better for you products and reduce toxins without breaking the bank |
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diane hoffmaster May 8, 2018 - 8:49 am

I love this idea! And I agree with you… I like to buy the large container of soap and refil the pump I already have. Looks like a great box though!

Censie Sawyer May 8, 2018 - 10:52 am

I have been hearing a lot of information about this Brandless company. I have not tried it yet but I love seeing that there are healthy snack items that we could add to our shopping list. Need to give it a try!

Kristi May 8, 2018 - 11:05 am

I’ll be checking into this for snacks for sure. Agree on the soap thing, I hate buying new ones each time but hard to find decent refill options.

Scott May 8, 2018 - 12:02 pm

That’s an interesting business model. I’d want to try the products first before signing up for a membership though. Wish there was a way to buy them local and try them out!

Ivy B May 8, 2018 - 12:10 pm

You can still purchase without a membership, but you have to reach their threshold for free shipping. The membership saves you from worrying about that threshold is all.

Heather May 9, 2018 - 4:41 pm

What a great idea! We don’t need name brand snacks. Just healthier options at a great price, and it sounds like Brandless meets those needs.

Ivy B May 11, 2018 - 9:48 am

So true!

Snacks January 8, 2019 - 6:01 am

The presentation of snacks looks amazing.Kids must love because of having lots of beautiful colors.This snacks is not only beautiful but also nutritious for all.

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