Philips AVENT Natural Drinking Cup Review

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As with most mom’s of little one’s, I’ve been on the search for a good trainer cup for my now 10 month old, Shelby.  I tried a couple that had good reviews on, but the spouts seemed to difficult (even for me) to get anything worth the effort to “drink.”  I tried one of the super soft spouts that was closer to Shelby’s bottle nipple, and found it too soft and she still didn’t care for it.
In my search for the next great item, I found one that I was on the fence about ordering.  When I earned some amazon credit from one of the savings sites I use, I decided that since it wouldn’t cost me anything, I was going to give it a try!
So WHAT is this interesting item?  The Philips AVENT BPA Free Natural Drinking Cup, Green, 9 Ounce – a trainer cup recommended for 12 mo+.

Observed before first use:

  • Easy to clean
  • Large enough to hold enough formula (most trainer cups for Shelby’s age don’t hold enough if she learns to use them)
  • Fascinating design that allows the flow of fluid 360 degrees when child’s top lip pushes against the lid

Shelby’s reaction to the cup was amazing and I’m wondering if we’ve found our answer to transitioning from the bottle.  What I have observed during use:

  • At first sight, Shelby smiled and giggled with excitement that I was giving her a big person cup (bonus, as she really likes us letting her drink from our cups!)
  • Her sips were short and she smiled after each one (another bonus!)
  • The cup “seems” like it is not necessarily leak proof, BUT read further!
    • What I’ve noticed about the “leak”
      • When little amounts of water dripped, I noticed it was from the remaining fluid around the rim of the cup from drinking.
      • When I saw larger amounts of water, I realized that the baby’s finger or knee or other object was pushing the top allowing water to escape.
  • Expect your first timer to end up wet. 
    • Since Shelby doesn’t have much experience, she takes in more fluid and it ends up dripping down her chin, and she likes to flip the cup over – whatever fluid remains around the cap will be on your child.
    • I imagine that when she figures out how to control it, i.e. pulling it away sooner (in anticipation) and to NOT turn the cup over, she should end up less wet! 

I’m excited to continue use of this cup, and I think Shelby will be too! And, it’s reasonably priced if it happens to be the cup Shelby takes interest in!

Ready to purchase?

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