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I tried, last year, to add some structure to our daily routine at home, but I failed.  I don’t have education or background in teaching, and knowing what and how to teach a small toddler was so far out of my realm that I tried, failed, and waited until I came across some information that I could copy week by week!  Well, I say copy, but I made some modifications to the plans based on book unavailability, or things we have around the house to support the suggested work.  Let’s see what we did for the first week, shall we?

For starters, I’m working with weekly plans from Letter of the Week.  She provides a weekly outline of the theme, letter, number, nursery rhyme, and either a shape or color to focus on for the week.  Lesson 1outline is located here.

Some of the books on her list weren’t available at the library OR the holds didn’t come in on time for our weekly library trip, so our book list is adapted.  And, I added some books to go along with the other themes for this week (cows, square, letter A, number 1, Hey Diddle Diddle).

Our book list:

Cows by Robin Nelson
Cows Moo! By Pam Scheunemann
Cows by Sara Swan Miller
From Grass To Milk by Stacy Taus-Bolstad
Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin 
Little Calf by Kim Lewis 
Who’s in the Farmyard? By Phillis Gershator
Finger Phonics 1 by Sue Lloyd and Sara Wernham
My “a” Sound Box by Jane Belk Moncure
Go! Go! BoBo Shapes by Simon Basher
Shapes National Geographic Little Kids Look & Learn

Here’s what our week consisted of:

*Coloring pages: capital A and lowercase a from DTLK’s coloring sheets

*Made some cut out sugar cookies with cookie cutters to match our themes this week.  I was unable to locate our cow cutter, so we had squares, As, and 1s.  We chose to use a small batch recipe by Cake Whiz found here.  Turned out tasty and because we used some small cutters (aside from the square) we got quite a few cookies.  The lesson I learned from our cutters is that I shouldn’t have rolled them so thin – the inside part of the A didn’t indent.  And, if I had rolled them thicker, there would have been fewer cookies.

*Integrated sign language into our lessons as much as possible so as not to lose our skills (and hopefully build continue to build on them more).

*Used DTLK’s Hey Diddle Diddle felt board printable and recited it at least once a day.

*Did cow and number coloring pages (find anything online that suits your liking)

*Worked on letter A, number 1, and square shape dry erase pages (my tutorial for making your own dry erase book is here)

*Searched the house for squares

*Tried to act like a cow – the kid really isn’t into pretending she’s a cow, but she enjoyed directing me where to go as I acted like a cow

*Went outside to write our letter, number, and draw our shape on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk (pictured though shows very poorly).

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