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Another week in preschool prep from  Week three curriculum can be found here.

This week we concentrate on the letter C, number 3, kittens, and the diamond shape.

We, again, stuck very closely to the book suggestions unless a book wasn’t available at our library.  Additionally, we include the My “c” Soundbox and My Three Book.

For some additional support, we headed outside with our sidewalk chalk to write our letter, number, and drew our diamonds.  Well … I drew and wrote anyway.  To solidify the number 3 I showed baby girl how to hop 3 times, clap 3 times, and asked for 3 kisses (no one says I can’t get some sweet sugars while educating my baby, hehe).

Here are some photos of some of our activities for the week – hope they give you some ideas too (and the curriculum gave us some ideas we didn’t use):

learning diamonds tracing worksheet

preschool kitten theme coloring page
 (Someone is getting accustomed to our dry erase book)
toddler likes dry erase pages too much
 Here we have felt in diamonds – can be used for size and color activities too
handmade diamond felt board activity

letter c caterpillar coloring page

 Here, baby girl is displaying her desire to color in the lines – much better than refusing to color because she can’t get it in the lines yet (which she was doing previously)

toddler focused on coloring skills
coloring the number 3

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