Review: Clued in Kids Pirate Treasure Hunt

by Ivy B
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Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19, 2014.  If you want to bring the fun of Pirates and treasure hunting to your kids with little expense and effort, be sure to check out my review of Clued in Kids Pirate Treasure Hunt.  I was provided the treasure hunt in exchange for my honest review and opinions.

For starters, the kit comes assembled as a booklet of tear out pages (each page is a new clue).  Each page includes instructions as to where to hide the next page/clue.  My recommendation is to take a few minutes to read each of the instructions to familiarize yourself with the hunt.  When your child is napping, sleeping, or out being entertained, spend the recommended 8 minutes hiding the clue pages in the locations noted on each page.  Be sure to decide what treasure you want your child to find … your kit does not provide a treasure, so it suggests a few treasure ideas for you.

clued in kids pirate treasure hunt clue image

You start by giving your child the first clue and then allow them to work on each clue when they find them.  Be sure to keep the answer key on you so you can follow along and help when needed.  Since my daughter is only 3, I had to help her with the clues.  I believe this is geared toward children at least 5 years of age since there is some writing and reading involved.  But, if you’re working with your preschooler(s), your little ones can have just as much fun.

I chose to use a few coins as our treasure and my daughter and I had fun working on the hunt together.  Great way to get into Talk Like a Pirate Day without spending a lot of money or investing a lot of time.  I loved that the activity was well thought out and pre-planned.  It took only a few minutes to set up too.

The Pirate Treasure Hunt clue pad is valued at approximately $8.99 and you might get shipping for as low as FREE.  There are other shipping options including 2 day shipping if you’d like to try to get your Treasure Hunt before Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Clued in Kids offers many treasure hunt options to purchase and have shipped as well as some printable options.  Right now, if you join their email newsletter, you can also get a FREE Homework Reward Treasure Hunt.

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