Splash Math Educational App Review

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Splash Math app #review

I was given the opportunity to review two FREE Splash Math iOS applications.  Splash Math has two available math applications – Splash Math Preschool and Splash Math Grades 1-5.  I’m a big fan of educational apps for my daughter because they help me fill in possible educational gaps in a fun way.  I will be compensated for my review of the two applications, but said compensation has no bearing on my opinions of the Splash Math apps.

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Splash Math Educational App Review for Preschool & Kindergarten


Preschool & Kindergarten Splash Math educational app #review

The FREE version allows 4 players.  In the parent’s section, you can set challenging goals for your child(ren) and topics you want your them to work on.  Parent will receive a weekly email report to determine their child’s progress.

Goals include how many questions and how often you wish them to be completed.  You can even set a reminder at a particular time you wish your child to practice.  And, you can set a prize reward goal to help build your child’s sense of accomplishment.

Preschool & Kindergarten Splash Math app #review game screenshot

I’m not the best at offering creative ways to practice math skills at home, though I LOVE giving my child every advantage to learn things and hope that she’s on par with children her age.  Splash Match Preschool & Kindergarten gives my daughter an appropriate and adorable way to learn different math subjects.  The hippo character provides plenty of positive feedback and remains positive when your child gets an answer wrong.

Splash Math app #review parent dashboard screenshot

I like that the parents area allows me to set goals & topics I want my child to work on and I can expect to receive weekly progress reports via email.  Plus, my goal settings can include reminders at a certain time and frequency so that we can try to stay consistent in our practice.

Full access is $9.99

Splash Math Grades 1 – 5

Splash Math educational app #review grades Kindergarten through 5th Grade

System is set up for 1 player.  Input player’s name, grade, parent email and an access code to begin.  This account is limited to 20 questions/day unless you buy a full library which starts at $19.99 for 1 year.  A family plan is available for 2 players and lifetime full access for $59.99.

Splash Match #freemathapp educational app #review

For starters, start by inputting you and your child’s information, including their grade level so that the application can select appropriate games for your child.  In the settings, you can choose an avatar for your child and turn on practice reminders if you like.  Additionally, you have the option to allow partial answers for your Kindergarten student.

educational app #review Splash Math

The one thing I would say is that it appears the app expects a kindergartner to be able to read.  Some questions or answers rely on a child’s ability to read, which I believe is probably a stretch.  For example, one question asks “Which is correct” and the answers are in sentence form.  My recommendation is that you are around to supervise your child’s app use so that you can help read these points when necessary.  Children who are reading may need less help, but may need assistance to grasp the concept of a subject which they may not be familiar.

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