Summer Safety Tips For Children

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Don’t forget to brush up on these summer safety tips for children for their health and well-being.

Summer is upon us.

More than likely, your kiddos are going to spending a good deal of time outside.

I’m all for screen free activities outside, but safety needs to be an important consideration, too.

Summer is a fun time, but it’s also a time when a lot of accidents happen.  While you plan on entertaining kids over the summer, check out these tips for keeping your children safe.

Summer Safety Tips For Children

Top Summer Safety Tips For Children

Without further ado, let’s talk about the important summer safety tips for children you need to brush up on.  This will ensure your kids make it through the summer more happy and healthy!

Water Safety


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If you have a pool (or plan to be around the water at all), make sure all security and safety devices are in place.

All gates must be locked, and alarms installed, especially if you have children at home who cannot swim or are not strong swimmers.

Set ground rules for your children that are to be followed around any body of water.  These rules should include:

1. No running or horseplay near the pool.

2. Kids only swim with an adult watching them.

3. Of course, if lightening is possible, leave the water until the weather risk passes.

4. If your children are swimming in the ocean, follow the flag warnings and be cautious of the tides.

One more tip: Make sure your children are taking swim lessons that teach, not only the basic strokes, but also survival strokes and basic water safety as well.  All American Red Cross certified programs incorporate water safety into their swim lessons.

Sun Safety

The Skin Cancer Foundation reports that more people in the United States are diagnosed with skin cancer annually than all other cancers combined.  Even just a few sunburns can increase a person’s risk. On average, the likelihood of developing melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer, doubles after more than five sunburns.


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No matter how old we are, or how careful we are, the sun can be quite surprising and we’ll suffer a burn.

Some simple rules to keep your children safe in the sun are:

1. Always apply sun screen (this is my favorite and they have it for babies) – even if it’s a cloudy day.

2. Have your kids wear a t-shirt and hat, especially if they have fair skin.

3. Make sure you have water proof sunblock on your kids if they’re in the water.

4. Apply sunscreen often, especially if your kids have fair skin or are playing in water.

5. Keep your kids hydrated to prevent heat stroke.  Provide them with plenty of water, juice, or popsicles.

Bicycle Safety

Some simple rules to keep your children safe on their bikes are:

1. A helmet is a must. Ask any nurse in any Emergency Room and you’ll find out why.

2. Wear a whistle around your neck.  If you’ve got a child who daydreams and see him or her being unsafe, you can blow the whistle. This is a much more effective approach than trying to yell.

3. Look for bike paths in the woods. These allow your child to ride freely without the hazards of traffic. Pack a picnic lunch and make a day of it.

So many life-changing accidents are preventable.  Make it a safe, and a fun, summer when you follow the summer safety tips for children above!

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