Ultimate Blogging Challenge Complete!

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Today is the final day of the Ultimate Blogging Challenge I was participating in.  I was really intimidated to write a daily post. I don’t craft much, we’re not working on home preschool exercises, and I haven’t been able to get out as much… what could I possibly have to say every day for 31 days?

Apparently, I had plenty to say, and the words just kept coming!  Thing is, I was on fire this month.  Blogging on occasion like I had been, I was complacent with sharing deals and sales because I felt like I didn’t have much else to offer, but when I challenged myself to take the daily challenge, the more I wrote, the more I could think of to write.  And, I still have some ideas rattling around!

It took a few days before the daunting task began to feel exciting and fun.  Then, I noticed that my spelling and grammar were improving.  Before, I’d write a post and do a spell check and things were always getting flagged.  Now?  Well, no one’s perfect, but I’m not relying on the spell checker.  I still need to go back and check my grammar, but I’m better.

So, while it was hard work, I think it paid off!  Now we can get back to normal – maybe a personal post once or twice a week.  whew

Let’s re-cap:
Mommy Rule #1 (this will be my new blog series
When a spoon isn’t a spoon
When the kid doesn’t sleep
Moms need to take time for themselves
Saying goodbye to the kid’s pacifier
Almost potty training the tot
Make your own dry erase book
If my tot wrote a blog post
Not the typical first time mom
Why we still use sign language

Let me stop there!  That’s just a partial list of my work this month! 

If you were participating in the UBC, what did you like about it?  If you’ve been following along with me, what was your favorite post this month?

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