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Gluten Free Quick Snacks That Actually Taste Good: Love Corn Snacks Review

by Ivy B

You’ve probably heard gluten free foods taste like cardboard. Although sometimes I have found this accurately describes some gluten free food, it’s not as prevalent anymore. In fact, I’ve found many gluten free quick snacks that I rather enjoy.

My bigger problem is finding gluten free and dairy free snacks that have flavor!

Typically I’m limited to “boring” snacks like sea salt or unsalted chips. If I want something with more flavor, I usually reach for more sugary snacks, but what I often crave is something a bit more savory. Apparently, that’s a tall order when you have to be both gluten and dairy free!

But, Love Corn knows the problem, provides a solution, and so much more!

delicious vegan, gluten free quick snacks for on-the-go, at your desk, and for the family
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Love Corn Gluten Free Quick Snacks

Okay, so it’s not all about me.

Yes, I love gluten free quick snacks, but Love Corn offers so much more! My kids love trying out my “special” snack and I can feel comfortable that we’re all sharing a healthier alternative snacking option to the standard snacks.

Love Corn snacks are:

Tasty vegan snacks.

Non-GMO Project Verified.

Perfect for road trips.

Great in a kid’s lunchbox.

A fun, crunchy addition to a salad in place of croutons.

simple but tasty vegan gluten free quick snacks - love corn snacks

Love Corn Snacks Review

In truth, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect out of Love Corn snacks.

I mean, I’ve been raised in the South. Corn is great as corn on the cob, off the cob, and creamed.

And let’s not forget how fantastic it is to have a movie night (or day) with the family, snuggled on the couch with a bowl of popcorn just out of the microwave!

I can even get on board with corn salsa.

Crunchy corn huh? Apparently, I needed to be reminded that this wasn’t a new concept, although it was a healthier alternative!

My Box Arrived

Love Corn Snacks momsmeet review box contents

I loved opening the sample box for this review as it was filled with samples of all the flavors in box 1.6 ounce resealable packages as well as the grab and go bags. Additionally, the contents included some Love Corn swag including stickers and a beanie!

The 4 available flavors of Love Corn snacks are sea salt, smoked bbq, salt & vinegar and habanero chili.

What We Thought

Love Corn has delivered an unusual, yet fantastic snack. Best of all, it’s both gluten free and vegan… and they still have flavor!

Straight out of the box, we opened the Salt & Vinegar flavor because my husband and kids love salt and vinegar chips. I don’t typically indulge because I have to look for a gluten free variety and I prefer my snacks to be non-gmo/organic as often as possible.

girl eating salt vinegar love corn snacks after school

The youngest enjoyed the salt & vinegar flavor, but my oldest wasn’t a fan.

The smoked bbq seems to be the family’s favorite flavor!

And for me, the habanero chili favor is spicy enough that a handful is satisfying enough so that I’m not engorging myself on snacks too close to bedtime!

The sea salt variety is a perfect addition to more flavorful lunches that don’t need an overpowering side!

grab and go love corn snacks in st augustine

And I loved taking the Grab and Go packs with us to our recent trip to St. Augustine! I let the kids each pick the flavor they wanted with their lunch, which always makes them happy.

Finally, I love having a resealable bag sitting at my desk for a quick gluten free snack while working when I don’t want to head downstairs.

habanero chili love corn snacks working at desk

These vegan and gluten free quick snacks are amazing to have around the house, for snacks at your desk (hello, online school), or taking off on an adventure.

But don’t just take my word for it! Check out what other people are saying about Love Corn Snacks at https://lovecorn.com/pages/kids

Where to Buy Love Corn Snacks

Grab your Love Corn snacks with 25% off when you shop online and use the code MOMSLOVE at checkout (discount valid through Oct 31, 2021).

Want to pick up your tasty gluten free vegan snacks while you’re already out and about? You can get these fun and fantastic vegan and gluten free quick snacks locally at:

  • Whole Foods Market
  • Target
  • Sprouts Farmers Market
  • Kroger
  • Wegmans
  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • ShopRite
  • more …

What flavor are you excited to try out?

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