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Personalized Father’s Day Gifts On Etsy He’ll Love

by Ivy B

9 personalized Father’s Day gifts on Etsy that are better than more socks and ties.

Why is it men are so hard to shop for?  I mean, my man is!  So yeah, I assume most men are hard to shop for.

It’s always so hard for me to buy my husband gifts because he literally has everything.  And he probably has doubles of everything because when he can’t find something, he just buys a replacement.

All.  The.  Time.

Anyway, Father’s Day gift giving is no different.

He doesn’t wear ties and he has everything he needs and wants.  It’s so bad, he never even knows what to put on his wish list for his own Birthday or Christmas.

Even his mom gripes about not knowing what to get him.

And, let’s not forget that whatever DOES end up on his list, no one can afford.  And it lands there because he’s not quite ready to fork over the dough to get it himself.

So, I decided to venture out and look for personalized Father’s Day gifts.  And, while I often think personalized gifts can be cheesy, it’s not like he leaves me much choice.

If you’re in the same boat, you may like some of these personalized Father’s Day gift ideas, too.

daughter giving dad a gift - personalized father's day gift ideas on Etsy
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Personalized Father’s Day Gifts On Etsy

These are some of the best Personalized Father’s Day Gifts I’ve been able to find on Etsy.  The hard part, really, is narrowing down your choices!

Personalized Leather Wallet

Have this men’s leather wallet personalized with up to 20 words.  You’ll turn a useful, practical item into a sentimental piece perfect for Father’s Day.

Get dad his personalized leather wallet on Etsy

Personalized Star Map on Wood

Have a wood sign personalized with his child’s names, dates of birth, and the exact view of the night sky on those dates.  Makes a really unique Father’s Day gift!

Get dad a star map on Etsy

Personalized Baby Bodysuit for 1st Father’s Day

Have a baby bodysuit personalized to say Happy 1st Father’s Day “signed” by baby!  You can choose your vinyl colors too so that it fits a boy or girl.

Get a personalized 1st Father’s Day Onesie on Etsy

Photo Puzzle

Turn a favorite memory into a photo puzzle.  This makes for a really special personalized Father’s Day gift!

Get dad a Personalized Photo Puzzle on Etsy

Daddy’s Team Keychain

This personalized keychain set includes one pendant that says “daddy’s team” with discs for each child’s name.

Get the daddy’s team keychain on Etsy

Engraved Wooden Coaster

Have a wooden coaster engraved with “daddy” + a child’s name and the date they became best friends.  The coaster also has a hand with a smaller hand engraved into the wood.

Get an engraved wooden coaster on Etsy

Personalized Wood Blocks

Have wooden blocks personalized with images that can be cropped to a square shape.  Get 3 blocks and each can have one letter on it spelling out DAD.  This would make a sweet personalized Father’s Day gift with 3 top memories with dad!

Get wooden blocks personalized on Etsy

Best Dad In The Word Mug

How about a personalized mug for Father’s Day?  If dad’s a coffee drinker, maybe he’d like to be reminded his kids think he’s the best dad in the world!

Personalize the best dad in the world mug on Etsy

Rustic Panel With Kids’ Birth Dates

This rustic wooden panel lists his children’s names and birth dates.

Personalize a rustic wooden panel on Etsy

Honorable Mentions

Want something cool for Father’s Day, but not necessarily personalized?  Check out these family matching shirts … you can still customize colors without putting names and dates on them for something unique.

What are some of your all-time favorite personalized Father’s Day gifts?  Anything you’ve ever given that was so well-received you’ve never been able to top them?

9 Personalized Father's Day Gifts to buy on Etsy.  Sentimental gifts for dad who has everything

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