10 Holiday Gifts That Promote Self Care for Moms

by Ivy B
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This is a guest post from Author Randi Zinn.  In her timely post, she details holiday gifts that promote self care for moms.  I’m a huge fanatic about finding ourselves outside of being a mom, and you can find my posts in my Beyond Mom section of the blog.

By Randi Zinn, Author, Going Beyond Mom: How To Activate Your Mind, Body, & Business After Baby

Mom takes the brunt of holiday stress. She is usually the one coordinating gifts, meals, social engagements, and any family drama that may come up.

Notice that mom is looking a little depleted? A little on edge? A little more tired than her naturally bright self?  Maybe she just needs a little love. Give the gift of wellness and inspiration to the mom in your life- it’s the gift that continues to give because when you fuel yourself, you have so much more to give! Here are some of my personal favorite products that have spoken to all my senses, helping me not only look my best at all my motherhood phases, but helped me reach spaces of calm and focus during the busy times that I need it most.

10 Holiday Gifts That Promote Self Care for Moms | A guest post for www.sahmplus.com

Holiday Gifts That Promote Self Care for Moms

Disclaimer: Affiliate links have been included in this post to help you find some items.  Purchases made after clicking may earn me a commission.

  • Doterra essential oil diffuser:  It’s simple and compact. You plug it into wall and choose the blend to match the mood you want.
  • Sam and Maddy Make Up:  An amazing make-up line made for women to feel their own natural glow. The company was also created by a Beyond Mom who named the company after her children.
  • Peleton bike:Get your sweat on and workout conveniently at home when time is limited or babies are napping!
  • S’ip by S’well Bottle: A stylish fun bottle that will help keep you hydrated all the time.
  • Frends: Jam out to fun tunes or take time for relaxing music with these Frends headphones.
  • Intelligent Nutrients. All organic skin-care products and great for anti-aging.
  • Loyal Hana:  Stylish and affordable maternity through nursing clothing.
  • Pacifica Candles: Candles set the intention for calmness and these are beautiful and smell lovely!
  • Going Beyond Mom: How To Activate Your Mind, Body, and Business After Baby: This is my book, and I’m so excited to teach moms how to activate and engage with the new woman also born with baby!
  • Lively:  For mom’s intimates! Beautiful bra and panty sets, they just launched a nursing bra, too!

Intention is everything! When we dress ourselves in ways that honor our beauty (inside and out), we feel beautiful. When we use products and tools to bring calm and focus to our lives, we feel those positive effects. When we get moving, we clear out negativity and stress! Help mom live the life she deserves this holiday season with holiday gifts that promote self care for moms.



Randi Zinn Headshot in a guest post on 10 holiday gifts that promote self care for moms

Randi Zinn is the founder of Beyond Mom and BeyondMom.com. Born from her own experience of motherhood, and the desire for a more connected community- Beyond Mom offers: content, podcasts, mixers, events, and retreats for forward-thinking Moms. She encourages moms to cultivate a life “Beyond Mom”- one that embraces the gifts of motherhood but expresses all that they are as individuals: creators, businesswomen, thinkers, friends, and so much more.

Randi is an ambassador for Athleta and has partnered with Comptoir Des CotonniersSoulCycleMio SkincareTOWN Real EstateThe Mother CompanyBody Conceptions and IntenSati.

Her writing has appeared in Honest Company BlogFitBumpEpoch Times and Well Rounded NY. She is a certified yoga instructor through Laughing Lotus NY and has taught since 2008.


Randi’s first book Going Beyond Mom: How To Activate Your Mind, Body & Business After Baby, will be published on September 19, 2017.

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Pillow Treasure November 14, 2017 - 11:46 am

Hi Ivy! Christmas is coming soon, I can’t wait for buying some gifts for me son. Thanks for your suggestions! I hope it will help me find out a meaningful present for him this year. It’s so nice to know and read your blog!


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