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Over 30 Fun Hobbies for Stay At Home Moms

by Ivy B

Offering a little encouragement for moms who need to feel like they’re more than just a mom! Break out of boring routines and do something you enjoy! Get some inspiration from this big list of hobbies for stay at home moms.

Get a job!

Wait, no that’s not what I want to write about.  Today, I want to encourage you to get a hobby.

Do you find yourself bogged down in the day-to-day activities and needs of everyone else?  From the moment you wake up, you’re busy filling cups, making food and wiping butts.

You probably catch yourself looking off into the distance, longingly, as your coffee mug sits almost full, turning ice cold.  If you’re not an iced coffee kind of mom, you’re probably learning to be.

If you get to finish your own breakfast without sharing even the tiniest bite, you’re lucky.

Did you get to drink an entire cup of coffee while it was fresh and hot?  You’ve hit the jackpot!

Nothing about SAHM life is remotely selfish.  But, every now and again we deserve (even need) some “selfish” time.  BADLY!

Once a month, I get out with my husband to Autocross.  It’s NOT enough time away from the kids, but I love sharing this hobby with my spouse.  Plus, I’ve been learning how to use my Cricut Maker, because I needed something else to enjoy at least once a week.

And, I totally recommend all stay at home moms have a hobby.  You should spend some time solely devoted to yourself building a new skill or doing something you love.

Most importantly, choose something you’ll actually love, regardless of what you believe others will think of it!

Hobbies for moms isn’t a one size fit all situation because we’re so unique!

It took me a long time to settle into a hobby that I really loved because I didn’t think it was “appropriate for a stay at home mom”.  What would others think of me?  You know what?  I’m on fire when I do what I love.

If someone doesn’t agree with my hobby, we’re obviously not suited for each other.  And that’s totally okay!  Finding a hobby you’re truly passionate about will bring the people into your life that should be there.

Remember, I wrote about Accepting That This Is The Mom I Became?

Part of that acceptance was recognizing my love for something specific and letting go of the notions that doing what others view as acceptable moms practices just wasn’t working for me.

Do what you love!  Need some ideas?  Check out this big list of hobbies for stay at home moms!

Over 30 hobbies for stay at home moms! Bored SAHM? Check out these hobby ideas, complete with crafts, DIY, and hobbies you probably never even considered.
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What Do Stay at Home Moms Do For Fun?

In order to have fun as a stay-at-home mom, the most important thing is to get out of the house at least once a day. Make plans with your spouse or other family members and friends, or do some of the following: go to the mall, visit a museum, take a walk or jog in your neighborhood. You will feel refreshed and ready for more when you get back!

Find new hobbies and activities that can be done from home. Look up instructional videos on YouTube. Try knitting, painting watercolors, cooking exotic dishes from around the world – there are so many things that you can do!

You will find that it’s easier than you think to have fun as a stay-at-home mom.

What Hobbies Should You Try as a Stay At Home Mom?

Well, the world is your oyster! You could choose common hobbies like painting, joining a book club or crafting or less common options like stamp or card collecting or racing.  The key to choosing a hobby is to think about things you’re likely to enjoy and not see as another chore!

Hobbies for Stay at Home Moms

The following is a long list of fantastic stay at home mom hobbies!  You may even find some information about how to get started with these projects.

Arts and Crafts


Every now and again, sitting down to a coloring book is extremely enjoyable!  Sometimes the quiet activity, even when coloring alongside my children has an extremely calming effect.

Brush Lettering

Brush lettering as a hobby can be a therapeutic creative outlet.  Once you learn brush lettering, it’s fairly easy to fit it into your hectic mom schedule.  Later on, you could turn it into an income source, too.

Paper Crafting

hobbies for stay at home moms - idea: paper crafting

Papercrafting is another cool creative outlet for moms!  Not only can you have fun, but you can start making your own cards and party decorations.  With the Cricut, even normally non-crafty types can find paper crafting fun and easy!


I remember the days my own mom would sit down with a new pattern and sew clothes for the family.  She was pretty thrifty and would buy patterns and fabrics when they were on sale.

Now, as a kid, I hated when my mom would sew my clothes.  But looking back, this was a great hobby to keep her busy and sometimes could save a bundle on clothes.


Who knew quilt making could be so creative?

I’ve always thought that quilting was just putting squares of fabric together to create a blanket!  But, you can make custom baby clothes quilts or memory quilts out of so much more than just fabric you buy at the store.


Wow!  Did you know there are health benefits to crochet?  This sounds like a fantastic creative hobby for stay at home moms, especially if you’re suffering from anxiety or depression!


Just like crochet, taking up a cross-stitch hobby has some mental health benefits.

Graphic Design

If creating visual content to communicate messages appeals to you, but you don’t know where to begin, you could learn graphic design from Skillshare.

T-Shirt Making

There are so many things you can do with T-shirts.  Plus, if you enjoy making t-shirts well enough, selling T-shirts on Etsy can be a cool way to make some extra money.


hobbies for stay at home moms - idea: painting

One of my favorite mom’s nights was a wine and canvas night with a friend.  I could see learning to paint in various styles and brush strokes being very soothing after a hard day with the kids.

Jewelry Making

Learn jewelry-making techniques to craft unique and personalized jewelry pieces for yourself or as gifts for friends and family.


Unleash your creativity and express yourself through pencil or digital art, allowing your imagination to come to life on paper or screen.


Discover the joy of intricate stitching and design as you create beautiful patterns and textures on fabric, adding a touch of handmade elegance to your home or wardrobe.


Engage in the soothing and rhythmic art of knitting, where you can craft cozy and personalized garments or accessories, infusing warmth and comfort into your family’s wardrobe.

hobbies for stay at home moms idea: knitting

Pottery & Ceramics

Take up pottery and ceramics to create handmade pottery pieces, such as mugs, bowls, or vases, using different molding and glazing techniques.

Creative Writing

Explore creative writing through journaling, short stories, or poetry to express yourself and unleash your imagination.

Learn Calligraphy

Delve into the graceful art of calligraphy, mastering elegant lettering styles and techniques that can bring a touch of sophistication to invitations, cards, and other personalized crafts.

Home Improvement & DIY

Candle Making

Candles are great for lighting around the house and they also make fantastic gifts.  Why not learn the art of making candles?

Soap Making

Feeling a bit traditional?  Learn to make soap!  Using the toils of your labor or being able to gift something homemade is a great feeling.

Home Decorating

Transform your living space into a haven of comfort and style by exploring various interior design concepts and incorporating creative décor ideas that reflect your personal taste and aesthetic preferences.

Restore Furniture

Embrace the satisfaction of refurbishing worn or outdated furniture pieces, as you breathe new life into them through refinishing, repainting, or reupholstering, creating unique and revitalized accents for your home.

Flower Arranging

Cultivate your creativity and bring natural beauty indoors by mastering the art of creating stunning floral arrangements.

DIY Home Decor

Create DIY home decor projects, such as handmade wall art, decorative crafts, or repurposing furniture, to personalize your living space.

Interior Design

Learn about interior design principles and techniques to revamp and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Personal Development and Wellness

Learn a New Language

Learn a new language through online courses, language apps, or language exchange programs to broaden your cultural understanding and communication skills.

I’ve been using Duolingo for nearly a year to brush up on my Spanish and I absolutely love it!

Play an Instrument

Discover the joy of creating beautiful melodies and rhythms as you learn to play a musical instrument, allowing you to express emotions and foster a deeper connection with the power of music.

Yoga and Meditation

Practice yoga and meditation to promote mindfulness, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being.


Have you considered joining a gym?  I totally believe there are many benefits to joining a gym as a stay at home mom.  But you could easily get some serious benefits even from doing exercises following free exercise videos on YouTube.

Stand-Up Comedy or Improv

Join a local stand-up comedy or improv group to explore your comedic talents and boost your confidence through public speaking.


If you’re interested in volunteering, try VolunteerMatch to find volunteer opportunities in your area.

Entertainment and Leisure

Reading and book club

Get a list of recommended books from friends, check out the top books of the year, or join a book club.  Time Magazine even put together a list of virtual book clubs you can join right now.


Dancing as a hobby can be a great way to release pent up energy (assuming you have any with littles running around).  Otherwise, dancing is a great way to get in some real exercise that won’t feel like exercise at all if you enjoy it!


Whether you sit down playing games on the computer, your phone, or a standalone game console, you’re sure to enjoy a bit of “selfish” time!

I personally enjoy puzzle-style games on my phone, but I’ve been known to have a blast playing Diablo with my husband.


What’s one thing moms do consistently?  Take photos of their kids!

You’re already never in the pictures anyway, so why not learn how to take stunning photographs?  You can even learn how to edit and manipulate photos you’ve already taken!


Preserve cherished memories and moments by crafting visually captivating and personalized scrapbooks, combining photos, mementos, and creative designs to create lasting keepsakes for your family.

Autocross or any other kind of racing

Experience the thrill of speed and precision by participating in autocross or other forms of racing, embracing the excitement of competitive driving and honing your skills on the track.

Stamp collecting

Dive into the world of philately and explore the art of collecting and organizing unique stamps from around the globe, discovering the rich history and cultural significance behind each valuable and distinctive piece.

hobbies for stay at home moms - idea: stamp collecting

Lego Building

Engage in the imaginative and tactile world of Lego building, constructing intricate and imaginative structures or scenes, fostering creativity and playfulness while enjoying quality time with your family.

Technical and Skill-Based


Blogging has been one of my favorite hobbies.  The best part is while building this blog, I learned new skills that helped me to land a job in a different field after spending almost 9 years as a stay at home mom.

3D Printing

Once you get a 3D printer set up and learn to use the software, 3D printing is a technologically creative outlet limited only by your mind (and by the size of the printer).

Try Investing

Explore the dynamic world of investing and finance, learning about stocks, bonds, and other investment vehicles to cultivate financial knowledge and potentially grow your wealth over time.

Model Building

Dive into the intricate and meticulous craft of model building, assembling detailed replicas of vehicles, aircraft, or architectural structures, fostering patience and precision while enjoying the satisfaction of creating miniature works of art.

Restore an Old Vehicle

Embark on the rewarding journey of restoring an old vehicle, revitalizing its former glory through meticulous refurbishment and mechanical expertise, allowing you to preserve automotive history and enjoy the thrill of hands-on craftsmanship.

Outdoor and Nature


Cultivate a garden or tend to indoor plants to connect with nature and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of gardening.

Bird Watching

Engage in bird watching to appreciate nature’s beauty and learn more about different bird species in your area.

Nature Walks and Hiking

Explore nearby trails, parks, or nature reserves to enjoy the outdoors and stay active through nature walks and hiking.


Discover the wonders of the night sky by learning about astronomy and stargazing, and consider investing in a telescope for celestial observations.

Now, as much as I like to promote taking time for yourself, I know many of us seek ways to earn an income from home.  If you’re interested in that route, check out these hobbies for stay at home moms to make money.

But remember, if your new income earning “hobby” adds stress and isn’t as “fun” as a hobby, you’ll still need to build in time to take up a hobby solely for your enjoyment!

The key is to find a more enjoyable balance between your to-do list and your “I like to do” list.

Culinary and Food Related

Cooking and Baking

Experiment with new recipes, culinary techniques, and baking projects to explore your creativity in the kitchen.

Take up amateur brewing

Learn the art of home brewing to experiment with crafting your own beer, wine, or kombucha flavors at home.

Hobbies for Stay at Home Moms FAQS

What can stay at home moms do to make money?

Sell your crafts, resell items, join the gig economy, sell services online and more.  Learn more about some of the hobbies that you can use to make money while at home.

What should a stay at home mom do at home?

Generally SAHMs take care of their children’s needs, cook meals, clean, grocery shop and do the laundry. These days, stay at home moms can take online classes, participate in a variety of hobbies, and even work from home!

What do stay-at-home moms struggle with most?

Mommy wars are a real thing and can often be one of the biggest struggles a SAHM deals with internally.  Other things SAHMs struggle with are burnout, feelings of guilt about not making financial contributions, and others being inconsiderate of their time. Loneliness and isolation can also lead to feelings of depression.

How can I deal with the loneliness of being a stay-at-home mom?

Being a SAHM can feel isolating.  Discussing these feelings with your friends or family members is often a good first step to dealing with them.  It is recommended to take some time out of the house by joining a play group, finding a hobby to do outside the home, or taking classes to connect with other adults.

What hobbies do you enjoy, as a mom?

A big (maybe surprising) list of hobbies for stay at home moms. Ready to make some time for yourself but don't know what you want to do? Get some hobby ideas for moms here | www.sahmplus.com

Note: Originally published Jan 29, 2018 and updated May 04, 2023.

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