30 Fun Hobbies for the SAHM Who Needs Her Time

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It’s time to think of yourself beyond mom roles, but maybe you don’t know what to do.  Get some inspiration from this big list of hobbies for stay at home moms.

Get a job!  Wait, no that’s not what I want to write about.  Today, I want to encourage you to get a hobby.  As a stay at home mom and blogger, I’m bogged down in the day to day activities and needs of everyone else.  From the moment I wake up, I’m busy filling cups, making food and wiping butts.  I look off into the distance, longingly, as my coffee mug sits half full, turning ice cold.  (I’m having to learn to love iced coffee, even if it wasn’t an intentional beverage).  If I get to finish my own breakfast without sharing even the tiniest bite, I’m lucky.  And if I get to drink an entire cup of coffee while it’s fresh and hot, I’ve hit the jackpot!

Nothing about SAHM life is remotely selfish.  But, I need some “selfish” time.  BADLY!

Once a month, I get out with my husband to Autocross.  It’s NOT enough time away from the kids, but I love sharing this hobby with my spouse.  This year, I’m going to be learning how to use my new Cricut Maker, because I needed something else to enjoy at least once a week.

And, I totally recommend all stay at home moms getting a hobby.  Spend some time solely devoted to yourself and building a new skill or doing something you already love.

And most importantly, choose something you’ll actually love, regardless of what you believe others will think of it!  Hobbies for moms isn’t a one size fit all situation because we’re so unique!  It took me a long time to settle into a hobby that I really loved because I didn’t think it was “appropriate for a stay at home mom”.  What would others think of me?  You know what?  I’m on fire when I do what I love.  If someone doesn’t agree with my hobby, we’re obviously not suited for each other.  And that’s totally okay!  Finding a hobby you’re truly passionate about will bring the people into your life that should be there.

Remember, I just  wrote about Accepting That This Is The Mom I Became?  Part of that acceptance was recognizing my love for something specific and letting go of the notions that doing what others view as acceptable moms practices just wasn’t working for me.

Do what you love!  Need some ideas?  Check out this big list of hobbies for stay at home moms!

A big (maybe surprising) list of hobbies for stay at home moms. Ready to make some time for yourself but don't know what you want to do? Get some hobby ideas for moms here | www.sahmplus.com

Hobbies for Stay at Home Moms

Reading and book club



Brush Lettering


Paper Crafting

hobbies for stay at home moms - idea: paper crafting

3D Printing






Graphic Design

T-Shirt Making



Candle Making

Soap Making


hobbies for stay at home moms - idea: painting

Jewelry Making




hobbies for stay at home moms idea: knitting

Lego Building

Model Building



Scrap booking


Stamp collecting

hobbies for stay at home moms - idea: stamp collecting

Now, as much as I like to promote taking time for yourself, I know many of us seek ways to earn an income from home.  If you’re interested in that route, check out these hobbies for stay at home moms to make money.

But remember, if your new income earning “hobby” adds stress and isn’t as “fun” as a hobby, you’ll still need to build in time do do a hobby solely for your enjoyment!  The key is to find a more enjoyable balance between your to-do list and your “I like to do” list.

What hobbies do you enjoy, as a mom?

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