Best Outdoor Toys for an Amazing Summer Play Space

by Ivy B
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Create a fantastic summer play space with these amazing outdoor toys for kids of all ages!  Go ahead and do your shopping to get ready for fun summer outdoor activities.

I can’t believe we’re about a week away from our summer vacation.  How did that happen so quickly?

Our schedules were packed and before I knew it, the last month of school crept up on me.  I barely had time to take the toddler out to do our own things as we hadn’t even been on a one nap a day schedule for all that long.


But, here it is.  SUMMER!

Create a dreamy summer play space with these awesome outdoor toys!

I don’t know about you, but we only have 1 week planned to be in the mountains.  And, while I’m still compiling a summer bucket list, I know there are some days I’m just going to need to take it easy at home.  You know … as easy as having two kids 6 and under will be …

The great news is, we have a ton of outdoor play toys to keep the kids busy, and some chairs for myself … if I’m lucky enough to be able to sit.

While we have some of these toys, others I would just really love to have.

Best Outdoor Toys for a Dream Summer Play Space

What do you need for an awesome outdoor summer play space? Check out this list!

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Don’t forget to comment if you have or want any of these toys!  Did I miss any really good ones?

Backyard Discovery Mount McKinley Swing Set

Don’t like this swing set?

Check out small swing sets or these small to big backyard swing sets.


Water Table

Sandbox and Water Table in One!

Water Hopscotch
Water hopscotch for summer play space outdoor toy
Inflatable Easel with Paint
inflatable easel is a great creativity option for your summer play space for kids

Pure Fun Home Rocker Seesaw

Bounce House and Water Slide Combo

icon iconLittle Tikes Picnic Table with Umbrella

A summer play space isn’t complete without a shady place to enjoy a snack or lunch outside!

How would you create an amazing summer play space for your kids?

These outdoor toys are perfect for a summer play space. Your kids wont ask about the park if your outdoor play space is this cool! Whether you're having a summer staycation or just looking to keep the kids busy for the summer, check out these awesome outdoor toys to help you create an amazing summer play space!

Creating an awesome summer play space could be as simple as selecting amazing outdoor toys. Keep your kids busy and outside this summer with this selection of outdoor toys perfect for every interest! |

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Constance McGhee June 2, 2018 - 10:27 am

It’s a great little space for kids to get right on in and play. Our own childhood with fond memories of splashing around in a plastic pool during the summer. The summer is the fact that they get to spend a lot of time outdoors. It’s so much as it’s fun to run around and play.


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