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11 Must-Have Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts on Etsy

by Ivy B

When I began shopping for personalized Mother’s Day gifts on Etsy, I had no idea what I would find.

To my surprise, having Mother’s Day gifts personalized on Etsy varies widely.  I couldn’t believe the skill, talent, and variety of personalized options there were available.

While having a gift personalized is extra special on a day like Mother’s Day, there are other benefits as well.  For me, supporting my fellow Etsy shop owners makes me feel good.

Although I’d prefer to receive items I order in record time thanks to the psychological training from Amazon (you know they do it on purpose), there’s something to be said for supporting small business owners.

I think Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to support those selling on Etsy who are devoting time and energy to do something they love, while also earning a living or paying for other hobbies.

Best of all, when you get personalized Mother’s Day gifts on Etsy, you’re giving mom a sentimental and often unique piece unlike what you’ll find in mass in retail stores.

Fabulous personalized Mother's Day gifts on Etsy.  Mom & Grandma will love these personalized Mother's Day gift ideas.
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Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts on Etsy

Personalized Heating Pad

personalized heating pad

This reusable neck & shoulder rice bag comes with a personalized name tag.  Mom will love her hold or cold therapy personalized heating pad.

Custom Mom Necklace with Kids’ Names

Custom mom necklace with 3 kids' names

Perfect for the mom of 3 kids, have each child’s name on a disk, making this necklace a fantastic minimalist personalized mother’s day gift.

Handmade Embroidered Tote

handmade embroidered tote

Mom’s carry a lot of stuff.  Get her a handmade tote bag and have it embroidered with your favorite design.

Mom Necklace with Kids’ Names and Birthstones

mom necklace with kids names and birthstones

She’ll love this hand stamped, hand made Mom necklace with kids’ names.  To personalize it further, you’ll also get birthstones, which makes each necklace extra special.

Personalized Mom Shirt

Personalized mom shirt with kids names - Mother's Day Gift Ideas on Etsy

If mom likes wearables, she’ll love this sweet shirt Personalized Mom Shirt that says “Mom”.  The script letters are personalized with the children’s names.

Personalized Flower Shadow Box

Personalized paper flower shadow box for Mother's Day

This shop has created a unique personalized gift idea perfect for Mother’s Day.  Consider this paper flower shadow box.  You have a choice of up to 4 colors!

Personalized Floral Embroidery Hoop

personalized mama embroidery hoop art

This personalized floral embroidery hoop is a unique and attractive gift idea for Mother’s Day.  Taking an embroidery hoop, this shop owner personalizes the artwork with a name and handmade felt flowers in lots of colors to choose from.

Personalized Mother’s Day Box

Mother's Day Gift Box with personalized item and choose of sweet

This personalized Mother’s Day box goes through the trouble of selecting several gifts for you.  The added bonus is that you choose the name to be placed on the small storage bag.  Plus, choose from a small selection of sweets to be added to be box.  The rest is done for you, making it one of the most simple (for you) Mother’s Day gift ideas on Etsy.

Hand-Burned Recipe Board

Hand burned family recipe board, heirloom mother's day gift idea on Etsy

Turn an old family recipe into an heirloom piece by having it hand-burned into a cutting board.  The owner of this Etsy shop with hand burn the recipe using your family member’s actual handwriting.  I think hand-burned recipe board  this one of the most special Mother’s Day gift ideas on Etsy I’ve seen (if you’ve got a family recipe you never want to forget).

Mama Bear Necklace

Mama bear necklace - mama bear jewelry, personalized with number of cubs

We all know moms are fierce when it comes to their kids.  This mama bear jewelry can be personalized to include the number of “cubs” and you can choose various chain lengths.

Morse Code Sterling Silver Bracelet

personalized morse code bracelet

I’m incredibly impressed with the thought put into this Mother’s Day gift idea!  The morse code bracelet can be made to say anything, like a name or a word with a special meaning to the person you’re giving it to.

Did you love these ideas?

To say the least, these have been the most irresistible personalized Mother’s Day gifts on Etsy.

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Sara Joy April 30, 2022 - 4:06 am

well nursing mom needs some other kind of gifts well these ideas are great for easter and mother day

cookie clicker June 3, 2022 - 3:15 am

Amazing ideas

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