Break Up with Your Coffee Brewer – Try This One Instead

by Ivy B
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Okay, I’ve had a Keurig K-Cup machine for several years, then transitioned to a Vue machine when I received a Keurig Vue House Party Pack.  I loved the Vue brewer but I never loved the lack of options (sorry Keurig, but I must speak the truth).

I began contemplating buying a new K-Cup brewer and was making the plans to do it soon.  Over the holidays I stumbled across the BUNN My Café brewer on sale at my local Lowe’s store.  I was immediately intrigued.  I’ve been so Keurig-loyal, that I had never realized other brand coffee brewers existed that also fit the k-cups.

*Diclaimer: Affiliate links are included in this post.

bunn my cafe single cup coffee brewer

I’ve waited this long to mention it, because I wanted to test it out a while.  The BUNNMy Café brewer is a single cup brewer that has FOUR different brewing options (4 trays).  1 k-cup tray, ground coffee tray, pod (or tea bag) tray, and water tray (when you just want to brew hot water).
So far, I’ve tried the ground coffee tray and the k-cup tray and I have been SO very pleased.

What are the benefits of the Bunn My Café brewer?

* Variety!!  Do you like to collect free coffee samples??  Yeah, me too!  Now, I’m not limited to what samples I can request.  Or, if I find a spectacular deal on coffee or tea, I can get it, no matter what package it comes in (except Vue packs).
* Pulse function. The “pulse” brewing function actually does make coffees taste better!  I tried a ground coffee one day and didn’t use the pulse function and really disliked it.  The next day, I tried the pulse feature, and I surprisingly enjoyed the coffee.  Who knew what a difference it would make.
* Small footprint.  This takes up far less space than either Keurig machine I’ve owned.
* Variety of cup sizes.  The brewer will brew between 4 and 14 oz, depending on the amount of water you add.
* Easy to set up and use.  Instructions are easy to understand and set up took just a couple minutes.  If you’re not technologically inclined, this machine will not confuse you.

What are the cons of the Bunn My Café brewer?

No reservoir.  For every cup of coffee, I have to measure the amount of liquid.  Because there is no reservoir, there is no cup size selector, so it’s all a manual process.
* Small cup area.  I’ve found that even removing the drip tray when using the k-cup tray, the brewer doesn’t easily accommodate a travel mug.  There is some tilting involved to get the travel mug seated under the k-cup tray.  When the drip tray is removed, much less tilting is required.
* No on off button.  The machine is always on.  It’s supposed to enter a “sleep” stage and will begin heating when you add water or put a brewing tray in its spot.

While I don’t really care for having to add water for every cup, I’ve been very happy with this machine.  I’m looking forward to the capabilities of having so many different varieties of coffees, teas, etc.  And, if I have visitors, they can bring their favorite coffees (in case I don’t have something that fancies them).

Update as of 11/7/16 – I love that this suits just about any need you have, so long as you don’t need to make a large pot.  Still, the only thing I can say I’d really like is an automatic brew feature to have my coffee ready when i wake up.  Until I find something that functions this well and will automatically brew, I’m still sticking with this brewer!


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