5 Fantastic Ideas You Need to Use for a TTC Party

by Ivy B
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Some call it a getting pregnant party others a TTC party.  No matter what, the concept is the same … you’re ready to announce to the world you’re hoping to have a baby and deep dive into fertility.  Echo shares this fun post with 5 ideas to help you throw a fun get pregnant party!

Trying to conceive can be difficult for some. It can be lonely, frustrating, scary and it can take a long time. If you have a friend that is trying to conceive (shortened to TTC among those hoping to get pregnant), why not throw them a “Getting Pregnant Party” to lighten the mood and show them that you support them!

Now, don’t take the term “Getting Pregnant Party” literally. I don’t think your friend would be interested in THAT kind of party. Instead, come up with fun ways to celebrate your friend’s journey and show them that you care.

These are the get pregnant party ideas I’ve come up with and I’m sure you’ll love them.

Some call it a getting pregnant party others a TTC party.  No matter what, the concept is the same ... you're ready to announce to the world you're hoping to have a baby.  Echo shares this fun post with 5 ideas to help you party right! | www.sahmplus.com

Getting Pregnant Party Ideas

Put a bun in the oven!

getting pregnant party idea bun in the oven

Have your friends bring over their favorite bread recipe, with any special ingredients they might need, and have a bake off! Have fun kneading bread together, baking it and of course, tasting it! You could also have the TTC’er do a blind tasting and judge for the winner!

Host a pregnancy test raffle!

pregnancy test for getting pregnant party ttc party

Have your friends donate pregnancy tests to the TTC’er, in exchange for a raffle ticket for one prize! Perhaps a gift card or something. Pregnancy tests can be a great TTC’ing gift and you won’t believe how many someone can go through, when they are trying to get pregnant.

Old Wives’ Tales!

old wives' tales and TTC advice for getting pregnant party

Have your friends write down advice that they have heard, over the years, on how to get pregnant. Turn it into a little keepsake or journal for the TTC’er!


baby shower printables

Make your own baby dust!

make your own baby dust for a getting pregnant party

Buy some little bottles and a whole mess of glitter, sprinkles, sequins and confetti! Have your friends make and label a bottle of Baby Dust for the TTC’er!

You can get these cute little supplies on Amazon:

Mini Glass Bottles with corks Extra Fine Glitter Shimmering Sparkle Confetti

Make that baby stick!

Create a fun play on words, by making your own “Pin the tail on the donkey” game for your getting pregnant party!

I hope these ideas have gotten your creative juices flowing and remember, throwing a “Getting Pregnant Party” is all about having fun and supporting your friend that is Trying To Conceive.

intimacy games

Do you have any other ideas for throwing a fun getting pregnant party?

We’d love to hear your ideas or see pictures of your fabulous get pregnant party food, favors, or games!

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