Homeschooling vs. traditional school?

by Ivy B
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We’re reaching a point in our lives where we’re trying to find a house to settle into.  Whew … I still look at my life and sometimes believe I’m just looking into someone else’s.  I don’t feel old enough to be a mom worrying about houses in a good school district… and then I realize I’m definitely old enough because I simply forgot that I was old enough to be all that LOL.
So, having a hard time finding a house where we want, we’re looking into staying in the same county but hoping to get into one of the few neighborhoods that are assigned some of the better schools in the county.  Regardless, it leads me to question how we’re going to handle school and has made me think about the option of homeschooling.  I’ve got a few years to process, plan, and prepare for the appropriate decision, but I’m reaching out to find out what YOU might say about the subject.
I’m looking for facts about homeschooling vs traditional schools.  Your experiences, things you wish you’d known or been told before making your decision, or research to help lead me on the journey to making my decision.
Please refrain from negative and non-fact based comments on the subject. 

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