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How To Get an Overtired Baby to Sleep

by Ivy B

Do you want to know how to get an overtired baby to sleep? Learn the reasons your baby may be fighting sleep, the signs of an overtired baby and how to getting them to settle in for some rest anyway.

Motherhood may be the most rewarding calling on a woman’s life. There is nothing quite like the way your baby steadily gazes into your eyes, grips your fingers during feedings, and responds to the sound of your distinct voice.

However, motherhood can also be the most frustrating calling on a woman’s life. Especially if your overtired baby won’t go to sleep.

Why is my baby fighting sleep? Signs you have an overtired baby and how to get an overtired baby to sleep.
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Why Is My Baby Fighting Sleep?

Remembering back when my big kids were babes, bedtime, for me, was the most stressful part of the day. Not only was I exhausted, but I knew that bedtime would bring tears, for both of us.

We had a bedtime routine that we steadily followed each night. It consisted of a warm, lavender bath, massage, dry diaper/clean pajamas, and a bedtime feeding in a dimly lit bedroom.

Yet, there were still tears of resistance anytime we tried to lay our baby down, awake or half-asleep. And one of the hardest things for me as a mama was trying to figure out why my overtired baby was fighting their sleep.

Here are some common reasons why:


Babies can be overstimulated through excessive play, through an environment where loud noises and bright lights are present, and through a high level of human communication and interaction, beyond what they are used to.

Change in Schedule/Overtired

Have you recently changed baby’s nap schedule? As your baby adjusts to a new normal, this may disrupt their body’s natural sleep schedule.

Separation anxiety

Mama, you are your baby’s favorite person in the whole wide world! Babies commonly go through phases (and even regressions) where they will just want to be with and near you.


In an article by Colleen de Bellefonds at What to Expect, babies generally begin teething around 6 months old. Some symptoms (drooling, crying, and irritability, to name a few) begin a few months before your baby’s pearly whites poke through!


Your baby may be experiencing a growth spurt that requires more frequent feedings. (Which is great for them – more food! But most likely a little disheartening for you – less sleep.)

overtired baby crying

5 Signs Your Baby is Overtired

Your mama’s intuition may have clued you in already that your baby is overtired. But if it hasn’t – because lack of sleep fatigue is a real thing – here are five signs that your baby is overtired:


Your babe is cranky, and not even their favorite toy, pacifier, or even their favorite person – you! – can soothe them.

Rubbing Eyes, Ears, and Head

Baby’s little hands are rubbing their eyes, ears, and head – and while these things can melt our hearts, it is a sign that he is VERY tired.

Lack of Interest

The things that previously kept your baby engaged – a toy, a song, or a game – are not keeping her attention. She may look away or fall asleep.


Your baby may not want to play on the floor, be in a bouncy seat, or be held by anyone else. It is common for overtired babies to cling to their caregiver.

Smaller Naps During the Day

You may notice that your baby is taking smaller cat naps outside of their normal nap times. These naps can occur anywhere – in the stroller, feeding chair, or in mid-play.

Will an Overtired Baby Eventually Sleep?

Sleep Tight Consultants share that when your little one is overtired, it is harder for them to transition into their normal sleep cycles, and it is common for them to have trouble staying asleep.

The good news is that ultimately, your baby will fall asleep. (It may just take a little bit of time, grit, and tears.)

You see that your baby is showing signs that they are exhausted. So, let’s look at some ways of how to get an overtired baby to sleep.

settling an overtired baby down for sleep

How to Get an Overtired Baby to Sleep

While there is no exact formula or blueprint to assure that your baby falls asleep right away, these are four common ways to help your baby drift off to sleep:

Breastfeed or Give a Bottle

Sometimes snuggling up for a warm bottle or a breastfeeding session is the perfect way to soothe an overtired baby.

Over at Kelly Mom in their article about Comfort Nursing, they explain “[s]ucking releases the hormone cholecystokinin (CCK) in both mother and baby, which results in a sleepy feeling (Uvnäs-Moberg et al, 1993).”


Babies feel safe and comforted when they are swaddled because it reminds them of the time spent in your womb, a place of safety. Because all babies have the startle reflex, make sure you prevent loose arms and legs from waking him by swaddling with a blanket or a swaddle sack.

Keep a Routine

Bedtime routines such as bath time, massage, and bedtime feeding remind baby that it is almost time to settle down for sleep. Your routine should be consistent and in an order that works for you and your baby!

Create a Bedtime Environment

Bedtime environments with dimmed lights and white noise promote a calming atmosphere when laying your little one down. As a part of your bedtime routine, it will remind your babe that it is almost time for sleep!

Learn Your Baby’s Tiredness Cues

I would encourage you to keep a journal of the times when your baby displays signs of being overtired. With this information, you can re-create nap schedules and bedtime routines. If your babe is showing signs of being overtired, consider laying them down for a nap or early bedtime.

I know that this may be a hard season for you, mama. Fatigue on your end combined with not knowing how to comfort your baby when they are exhausted can be discouraging.

Let me encourage you in that you are the perfect mom for your baby. No one on earth can give your baby the extent of what you can.

Be patient, reach out for help, and give yourself grace. It is a long road, but it will be worth it, and you will come out on the other side.

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