Resources and Products to Help You Manage Parenting Stress

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Welcome back!  Last week, I shared information about the importance of managing parenting stress and overwhelm.  Keeping stress under control is good for your overall health.

I believe one of the first steps in the process is getting your partner on board with parenting teamwork and sharing responsibilities.  It will help you both have the chance to break away when you need.

Regardless of your current parenting situation, there are products and services that can help you manage parenting stress.  And you know what?  I’m not going to give you the run of the mill self-care suggestions you can find everywhere!  I urge you to give these a try!  I’ve included options ranging from FREE to expensive, so you have plenty to choose from!

These suggestions will help you manage parenting stress. Don't worry, they're not your typical self-care for moms ideas you find online. |

Things That Will Help You Manage Parenting Stress

*Disclaimer: Affiliate Links are included in this post.

Change Your Mindset


Spire will help you track your breathing to practice mindfuless and help you reduce stress.

Mindfulness: A Journal

Watch an inspiring video

I came across this one recently and I absolutely loved it!  Practice an attitude of gratitude!


Gratitude: The Short Film by Louie Schwartzberg from ecodads on Vimeo.

Sit down to a cup of happy

Chamomile Tea


Dang, I threw one of the boring standard tips in didn’t I?  Ah well, I suppose one isn’t a bad thing, right?  And “they say” there are health benefits to a glass of wine a night.  BONUS!

Manage Parenting Stress Through Creativity

I’m a huge fan of coloring, but there’s something extremely satisfying about coloring in my own books.  Bonus when they’re filled with swear words.  But, there are tons to choose from if you’re not into that sort of thing!

Adult Coloring Book: Designs

Go F*ck Yourself I’m Coloring

Take Extra Work Off Your Plate to Manage Parenting Stress

There’s nothing like a ton of unfinished chores to derail any plans for stress reduction!  I totally believe, though, that a great way to manage parenting stress is to let technology handle some of the extra grunt work.

My book How to Conquer Your Family’s Schedule: A Stay at Home Mom’s Guide to (Almost) Getting it All Done discusses the many ways in which I save time (or do less).  And, I always find time for doing things I enjoy (like autocross).

No one likes to vacuum.  Wait, I hope that’s a true statement.  I feel like I have better things to do, so I let my Roomba vacuum the downstairs for me.

Truth be told though, I’m kind of in love with the Samsung POWERbot Essential App-Controlled Self-Charging Robot Vacuum

Samsung POWERbot vacuum - offload work to manage parenting stress
iconUse a Grocery Delivery Service

I discuss this quite part a bit in my book, but I feel it deserves it’s own spotlight in this post.  In the hour a week I’m not grocery shopping (because someone else is doing it for me), I can either catch up on other housework or spend more time with my family.  Win-Win!

I use Shipt.  If you’re interested in having your groceries delivered with Shipt, I’ll give you $10 back when you sign up through my referral link.

What things do you use to help you manage parenting stress?


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