2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Little Kids {plus Giveaway}

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Welcome to the 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for little kids (ages 3+). I’ve rounded up some great gift ideas for kids plus a nice giveaway to help your budget! What’s on your child’s wishlist?

Once kids realize they can start requesting gifts, creating wishlists becomes harder to handle.  Am I right?

At 6, my daughter has begun getting questions from people asking what she wants.  What we all realize is that asking a small child what they want usually leads them to name off the first thing they see on TV.  And then, you end up with junk they never play with.  Well … much like every other gift-giving event.

In the 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Little Kids, my aim is to introduce you to Christmas Gift Ideas you may not otherwise have known about.  Perhaps your child will take interest in perusing the list with you, or you may find something you just know they’ll love.  I know I’ve come across a few things this year that will be big hits with the family!

Don’t forget!  Scroll all the way to the bottom of the post to enter the giveaway from some fabulous prizes to help you start (or finish) your Christmas gifting needs.

2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Little Kids (3 and over) plus a great giveaway to help you get your Christmas gift list checked off faster | www.sahmplus.com

2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Little Kids

Disclaimer: SAHM, plus… was provided some of the items listed in exchange for inclusion in the gift guide.  Additionally, they may also be participating in the little kid gift guide giveaway as denoted by an asterisk (*).   All opinions expressed here are my own.  Affiliate links are included throughout this post.  Purchases after clicking on these links earn me a small commission, cost you nothing more out of pocket, and help SAHM, plus… maintain this free-to-you website.

Quarto’s Brick Building Books*

*Holiday Gift Guide for Little Kids Giveaway Sponsor

We received How to Build Brick Cars and Beasts from Bricks.  As a car-loving family and with kids who love animals, these are amazing books for Lego-loving kids!

The books are set up similarly to the instructions you receive with your Lego kits these days.  Though they don’t seem nearly as refined, they still help your little (or slightly over-grown) builders create more with their expanding Lego sets.

Don’t already have a large collection of Legos? Check out this large box of classic Legos with 790 pieces!

Batty Betty by Kathryn Hast*

*Holiday Gift Guide for Little Kids Giveaway Sponsor

This year, we’re doing the 4 gift challenge (Something I want, something I need, something to wear, something to read).  Of course, we probably won’t stick to ONE item in each category, but it will be limited to things that can fit into a single box/bag for each category.  I won’t go into details here.

Since I place tons of importance on reading, I will definitely be shoving a bunch of books in a box.

Batty Betty is a great addition to your child’s library, teaching your children to march to the beat of their own drums in spite of what others think of them.  One of the worst things that happen to kids is when they put aside their passions for fear of rejection from others.  Not only do I appreciate a book that can teach my child what I wholeheartedly believe, I reinforce it by following my own out-of-the-ordinary passions as a mom in Autocross.  In many ways, we’re only truly happy when we are who we’re supposed to be.

Working Class Decorate Your Own Headband*

*Holiday Gift Guide for Little Kids Giveaway Sponsor

Arts and crafts for the girls!

Instead of simply giving girls new hair accessories, why not give them crafts to make their own?  This kit comes with everything a fashionista needs to make 10 custom headbands.

I have to say, I nearly died laughing when I read the box, too.  In the list of included supplies, it says “2 sheets glue dots (not pictured because they look like boogers).”  Seriously, I’d buy more from this company simply based on that truly honest and hilarious statement right there!

Not Parent Approved – Game*

*Holiday Gift Guide for Little Kids Giveaway Sponsor

I’m a big fan of games, though usually educational is more my style.  However, kids sometimes just need to have fun just to have fun.  I can’t think of a better way than to gift them the game Not Parent Approved.

This card game was inspired by Cards Against Humanity but appropriately suited for kids.  And by appropriately, I don’t necessarily mean it’s appropriate, but that’s the fun of this game!

Instead of focusing on educational themes and being geared toward younger players, this is a game meant to encourage family togetherness, fun, and laughter.  And what better way to start a family game night than to host a burp off to determine the answer boss?  That’s right, this is in the game rules!  You guessed it … if I liked the booger line in the headband supply list, I obviously loved the burp off!


My daughter was given a Kiwi Crate subscription for Christmas last year, geared for ages 5-8.  She really enjoyed keeping active and building things with her own hands, then playing with her creations.  As a parent, I loved how the booklets described the projects in the beginning and showed me how much time and mess each would create.  It gave me the ability to choose appropriate projects based on the time or energy I had available to supervise (or help).

KiwiCo has the Doodle Crate and Tinker Crate subscriptions available for ages 9-16+.  And, for your littlest learners, they’ve got the Koala Crate for ages 3-4 and recently added the Cricket Crate for ages 0-36 months.

Rocket by Mike Vago and Matt Rockefeller*

*Holiday Gift Guide for Little Kids Giveaway Sponsor

Rocket is an amazing book about a rocket traveling through space.  Geared to ages 4-8, your young reader can learn about space during this interactive reading session as a 3D plastic rocket journeys through the book with your child.  The rocket never leaves the book, so it’s always ready to make your child’s space journey time and time again.

This is a perfect way to get kids reading about science and space.

Toilet Trouble Game

I couldn’t believe when my daughter begged us for this game.  She saw it in Target on a random trip and couldn’t get over it.  Throughout the year, we noticed that all my nephews received the game.  She got bummed out every time she saw one of her cousins open one and would say “that’s the game I want!”

And then, she received it for her birthday.

This game seems strange but makes easy fun for the family game night.  Geared for ages 4+ and even the toddler likes flushing the toilet.

Lego Boost

The first time I saw this product was in the Lego Store at Disney Springs and I was amazed!  Have you ever been to the Lego Store?  You can scan products at a screen that shows you the product built in virtual reality.

The Lego Boost Creative Toolbox allows your child to make 5 models in one.  After their build, they can use a free app to code their new creation to do things bringing it to life.

Q Wunder Game and App*

*Holiday Gift Guide for Little Kids Giveaway Sponsor

I’m all about educational development in my littles.  Both have kept me on my toes requiring me to keep them immersed in educational activities for their big brains.  It’s easy for me to read books and print out worksheets and coloring pages to help them learn about a new subject.

What’s not always so easy is working on the emotional intelligence.  It’s not a message a coloring page can convey well enough and sometimes the kids are too young to just have a conversation about it.

Q Wunder fills the gap in several ways.  Q Wunder provides a physical game called Q’s Race to the Top which includes a book about Q and developing social skills.  Additionally, EQtainment developed a wonderful app (available on Apple and Android) where children can learn to build social skills.  Q is an adorable monkey.  They describe him as intelligent, but not always able to interact with people appropriately.  The app helps children discover emotions and build social skills.

Honestly, as an awkward introvert, I feel like I have a lot to learn with Q.  So, I’m really excited to share this app and game with my children.

You can get the Q Wunder app for iPhone, iPad, and Google Play.

Q Wunder has partnered with Chick-fil-A to include special Q Wunder prizes in each kids meal.

Plus, every Q Wunder prize will include a coupon code for 20% off our award-winning Q Wunder products and a free one-month subscription to all the premium content (including videos, songs and more) on the Q Wunder app!

Chick-fil-A® is committed to supporting social and emotional development in its Kid’s Meal prizes. Q Wunder toys are designed to be not just fun, but also to help kids identify their feelings and work on patience, manners and other emotional and behavioral skills.

Find your local Chick-fil-A® location and collect all five Q Wunder activities in Kid’s Meals while supplies last!

InRoad Toys Hot Wheels Play Tape*

*Holiday Gift Guide for Little Kids Giveaway Sponsor

When I was a kid, my grandfather supplied us with these mega-rolls of paper … I mean ginormous.  I remember rolling out pieces as large as the space we had in the bedroom, sometimes the living room, and drawing roads and towns to drive our toy cars on.

While that fabulous memory certainly needs to be relived with my own children, I don’t have access to free monster-rolls of paper like that anymore.  And, I cringe at the thought of what those gigantic rolls would actually cost these days.

But, I think I’m more impressed with the Hot Wheels Play Tape!  The tape is much more colorful than those pencil drawn roads.  But aside from that, it’s easy to tear (requiring no scissors) and sticks to just about any flat surface.  Plus, if your little city planner needs to make any changes, the tape is easily re-positioned.  Unlike those paper roads, you’re not as likely to have your roads destroyed when the racing gets out of hand, either.

Kwik Stix Thin Stix*

*Holiday Gift Guide for Little Kids Giveaway Sponsor

The Kwik Stix Thin Stix from The Pencil Grip, Inc was a love at first sight item for me!

I’ve talked several times about how much my daughter has always loved painting.  In her recent parent-teacher conference, art was names as one of her strong subjects.  Totally makes sense, because she could paint for hours as a toddler.

Gearing up for painting with little kids, however, gives me great anxiety.  It’s a ton of work to set up and can be an extremely messy activity to clean up after.  There’s going outside, setting up the easel, mixing paints, having clean brushes, and the worry of spillage and laundry to be done if things get out of hand.  You guys … serious anxiety!

Kwik Stix is a game changer here!  The Thin Stix are thinner versions of Kwik Stix, which are thin tempera paint pens.  You simply uncap, twist and paint.  The paint dries in about 90 seconds and I don’t have to worry about mixing paints or cleaning a bunch of supplies.  Don’t let the time it takes to dry fool you … the art your child creates will still look like paint … not marker or pen.

You can create fabulous pieces of art on different surfaces and without all the mess of paint… no water needed.

Thin Stix are available for a limited time at BJ’s Wholesale for $19.99 (cheaper than Amazon)!

WowWee Magnaflex*

*Holiday Gift Guide for Little Kids Giveaway Sponsor

wowwee magnaflex animal set for kids holiday gift guide 2017

You may know WowWee for the awesome robotic toys.  But, they’re more than that and they want you to “unplug” and build your imagination!

WowWee has Magnaflex, which are awesome magnetic strips that bend and connect for a wide variety of creativity!  We received the WowWee Magnaflex animal set, containing 14 pieces to create a few animals, like a dog, owl, and more.

You can build 3D objects or create 2D art on a magnetic wall or fridge, meaning your creative abilities are only limited by your imagination.


Welcome to the 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Little Kids Giveaway

This year is really exciting as the author and owner of SAHM, plus …  For the first time, I decided to work on a 2017 Holiday Gift Guide.  What started as a gift guide for kids turned into two gift guides.  That means two amazing giveaways for my readers.

The little kid gift guide was the plan from the beginning, because I was having a hard time deciding what gifts a 6 year old needed.  This guide has been fun to put together and I’m really pleased with the prizes.  I’m sure you will be, too!

This year, one winner will receive all of these amazing prizes!  If you want to learn more about them, scroll back up and check them out.

Prizes in the 2017 Little Kid Gift Guide Giveaway

This is a winner takes all giveaway for one lucky mom of young children!  1 winner will receive the following items:

24 pack of Thin Stix (arv $24.99)

InRoad Toys Hot Wheels Play Tape

Q Wunder Game and 3-month App Subscription

Not Parent Approved Game

Headband Kit

Batty Betty Book

The two Quarto’s Brick Building Books (as mentioned in the guide)

Rocket Book

WowWee Magnaflex Animal Set – 14 pc (ARV $19.99)


Disclaimer: We are not responsible for prize fulfillment.  One winner will be randomly selected using Gleam and notified by email.  Winner will have 24 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.  This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Google.  Void where prohibited.  For questions about this giveaway, please contact Ivy at [email protected]

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