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What is Jet.com and How Does it Save Time and Money?

by Ivy B

What is Jet.com?  Well, I’ve been shopping with Jet.com for quite some time.  When I first started using it, I wasn’t as in love with it.  Over time, though, it’s grown on me.  Now I’m placing orders with Jet.com a couple times a month.  I’d go as far as saying I can’t live without it now!

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what is jet.com? save time, save money, coupon code and cash back

What is Jet.com?

Well, it’s an online “grocery” and household delivery service.  I say grocery in quotes because you won’t be buying cold or frozen items like eggs, fruits and veggies, or corn dogs.

This is the place to purchase household goods like toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning supplies.  As for food purchases, this is where I get my (gluten free) oatmeal, large boxes of snacks, and boxes of diapers.

I like to think of Jet.com as a wholesale store.  But, it doesn’t have a membership fee and not everything is bulk.  Though, you can buy in bulk and save money.

what is Jet.com? save time and money groceries and household

How I use Jet.com to save time and money

I’m a busy stay at home mom trying to fit everything around a 1 year old’s needs and my 5 year old’s school and girl scout schedule.  For those of you who work away from home, it may be hard to understand that my schedule is full, just like anyone else’s.  Of course, most people don’t see running a blog as a business, but it is.  Every single piece of my day is taken up by something.  Housework, feeding kids, running around for naps, school drop off and pick up, helping with homework, cooking, and squeezing in time to schedule blog posts for deadlines (or just to stay consistent).

Saving Time with Jet.com

Anyway, I’m busy.  I need Jet.com to save me from visiting multiple stores to pick up items I need or want.  I can’t always find my gluten free items in one store, but I have found a few items on Jet that I can’t find elsewhere.

I save time with Jet by not having to visit multiple stores.  I’ve also cut out visiting the wholesale club, which look a good chunk out of a morning for me.

Jet.com offers 2 day delivery on essential, delivered to your door.

Saving Money with Jet.com

Some things are simply cheaper on Jet.com, even if you don’t purchase in bulk.

Things like diapers, toilet paper, and some of my gluten free items are cheaper in general.  But, Jet.com sets themselves apart on price even more when you start adding multiple items to your cart.  The more you add, the more you save.  Here’s how savings work:

watch prices drop adding to cart jet.com

  1. Adding items with the 2-day delivery flag saves you more on the items you already have in your cart.
  2. Wave free returns (if it’s something you know you’re keeping).
  3. Pay with a debit card to save an additional 1.5%.
  4. Free shipping on orders over $35.

prices drop on luvs with jet.com

Bonus Ways to Save with Jet.com

Firstly, Jet.com is giving you 15% off your first THREE orders with coupon code WELCOME15 through 2/1/17, which a max discount of $30/order.

Secondly, use iBotta and get 2% cash back!  Just log in to your iBotta app, unlock the savings for Jet.com, then click the “Launch App” Button and you can place your order through your Jet.com app.

cash back at jet.com with ibotta

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Christina A. December 15, 2016 - 2:37 pm

Interesting info! I’ve heard about this site and was curious about it–this encourages me to take another look! We live fairly rurally so sometimes it is just easier to shop online!

Ivy B December 15, 2016 - 4:39 pm

It helps a lot and I live near everything LOL.

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