What Should I Do? It’s My Due Date and Still No Baby

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Natural induction options, deciding on induction, and handling the disappointment when baby is late.  Answers to your question: “What should I do?  It’s my due date and still no baby.”

I know just how difficult it is to handle that moment you realize it’s your due date and there are no signs of labor.  With my son, who was 13 days late, it’s more than a little disappointing.  I just wanted to meet the little guy I’d been bonding with inside my belly for nine months.  Our family was anxious to meet him as was his sister.

I completely understand the thoughts that go through your mind when you realize “it’s my due date and still no baby.”

It’s important to remember, though, due dates are only approximate.  As much as we tend to live by these dates, first time mothers rarely deliver “on time.”  At least not by the calendar set by doctors with their estimations and ultrasound scans.  A baby’s “due date” is when that baby is fully developed and in optimal position for birth.

It's my due date and still no baby! What should I do? Tips for dealing with being past due and no contractions including natural induction tips and coping with the disappointment when baby is late | www.sahmplus.com

What Should I Do?  It’s My Due Date and Still No Baby

For starters, relax. (Oh God!  I just said the one thing that irritated me when my baby was late!  But I have a few suggestions to help you cope with the disappointment when your baby is late.)

Understand that due dates are estimations based on your last missed period.  This estimation assumes you have a normal cycle and ovulate accordingly.

But, it’s still a guess.

Though ovulation lasts up to 48 hours, your fertile window can be as long as ten days.  This takes into account how long sperm will survive and implant when an egg is released.

Only 3-5% of babies are born on their due date according to Belly Belly.

Should you have an induction?

I wouldn’t jump to the immediate conclusion that you need an induction unless your health or your baby’s is at serious risk.  Being “late” based on these estimations is not a health risk in and of itself.  The timing may just not have been right.

Your body or your baby may just not be ready.  Brush up on these 7 Facts You Need to Know Before Asking to Be Induced.

Can I start labor natural if it’s my due date and still no baby?

I, personally, haven’t come to the conclusion that home remedies work to naturally induce labor.  But, I’m also not opposed to trying it … lord knows I did everything when my second baby was 13 days late.

If it’s my due date and still no baby, what natural induction options should I try

Remember, I’m not a doctor.  I’ve had two kids and tried many of these suggestions myself.  Some of them I didn’t try.  Use your judgment or consult with your doctor to make sure these options are safe before trying them!

  • Walk
  • Have Sex
  • Eat spicy food
  • Drink Red Raspberry Tea
  • Try nipple stimulation

Some people consider membrane stripping a “natural” induction option.  I don’t, but when your son is nearly 13 days late, you start to expand your options in hopes of avoiding a medically induced labor.

Another thing to consider is whether or not baby is in optimal position.

Handle the disappointment when you’re past due and no contractions

When you’re past due with no contractions, the final days (or weeks) can be extremely frustrating.  I previously shared ways to handle the disappointment when baby is late.

Mainly, I learned that taking your focus off your due date (or your past due date) is extremely important.  If you’re late, try to enjoy some quiet time with your family, napping, or going out to a movie, just to name a few ideas.

Try to keep your mind off it and enjoy the peace and quiet before your world is turned upside down (again if this isn’t your first).

Have you ever gone past your due date?

Tell me: Did you try any natural labor induction methods?  Did anything work?

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