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10 Cool Ways to Rock Motherhood #RockingMotherhood

by Ivy B

If you’ve ever questioned whether or not you’re a good mom, consider yourself normal.  And, you probably are an excellent mom.  Motherhood is hard.  All eyes are on you, there’s a seemingly overwhelming amount of criticism and a laundry list of things you should and shouldn’t do.  To make matters worse, no one can seem to agree on what is and isn’t right in any situation.  Whether you’re breastfeeding, babywearing, or co-sleeping, you’ve got plenty of research supporting everything you’re not doing.  It doesn’t matter which camp you find yourself in, you’re wrong in someone’s eyes.  Well, instead of worrying about what you’re doing wrong in someone’s eyes, let’s take a minute to turn the tables and focus on the positives.  Let’s think about all the ways you Rock Motherhood!!!

I’ve been nominated by Jessica at Body After Baby to share the ways I’m #RockingMotherhood.

That’s what I’m doing here.  Putting all the should and should nots aside …

Get inspired to feel good about being a mom. Here are the 10 ways I rock motherhood. Can you name 10 things that make you a good mom?
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This is How I Rock Motherhood

Let me know if you can relate to any of these!  Or be sure to comment any number of ways you rock motherhood.

Laugh at the poop jokes

Okay, I’m so not mature, but staying on a child’s level has it’s benefits.  There’s no getting around this phase in their lives, so you might as well enjoy it on occasion.

Pretend to be dinosaurs in the car

My daughter absolutely loved this game.  She wanted to pretend to be a T-Rex, so I was T-Rex mommy driving her to school.  We roared and spoke in deep, scratchy voices.  And laughed almost the whole way to school.

Does your child love dinosaurs, too?

Buy the kids a cake pop at Starbucks

As if Starbucks isn’t expensive enough, it kind of hurts to use that precious gift card.  But, on occasion, I splurge a little and get the 5 year old a cake pop, even if she doesn’t really need it.  Someone help me explain to the kids just how special this is!!!

Read together

I started reading to my daughter when she was a baby.  Reading can be both fun and educational, plus, it helps her to unwind at night.  Unfortunately, my 1 year old son isn’t having any of that reading crap… if he’s not reading to himself (or eating the book) he doesn’t have the time.

Ask about their day

It’s not always easy getting information out of my kiddo.  But, every day, I ask her what she did and pry to find out if anything made her happy or sad.  I’ve been able to learn quite a bit about her friends or classmates and the fun

Snuggle before bed

Sometimes, I totally suck at this.  I feel like I have better things to do than to lay in bed when I need to clean or prepare for tomorrow.  But, when I put myself aside, I realize that before too long, those babies aren’t even going to want to snuggle with mama.

Get ready the night before

No one is at their best when they’re rushing around in the morning.  I get everything ready the night before to beat the morning rush, including picking out clothes, pulling out breakfasts, and having lunches already made.  When we’re not rushing, we’re all in a better mood, which sets the stage for the day!

Rock Motherhood: skip the morning rush by planning ahead the night before www.sahmplus.com

Help explore your child’s interests

My daughter has always been into writing and drawing.  I can remember back when everything she drew was a boat (all scribble boats that didn’t look like anything, and they all pretty much looked the same).  We invested heavily in art supplies and learn to draw books.

Rock motherhood: Encourage child's interests - S painting at Crayola. #RockingMotherhood

Encourage your child to become better

Whether we’re seeking improved behavior, kindness, or to simply learn a new skill, we’re working to build our children’s self esteem and abilities.  I know my child isn’t the best at anything, but I’m always working to help her improve.  As much as I knew she’d love Girl Scouts, I wanted my daughter to give sports a try.  We’re currently discussing soccer because I want her to be exposed to a team sport and balance her out.

Take Me-Time

I struggled with this the most as a first time mom.  But, with the second baby, it was essential that I took time for myself.  I participate in my own hobby (Autocross, if you’re interested) and I take some time during the week for self-care.  Taking some time to focus on yourself is one of the best ways to recharge your batteries so that you’re not pouring from an empty cup.  Of course, that means I have more energy to go back and rock motherhood some more *wink*.

Take some time to think about motherhood in a positive light and tell me how you rock motherhood!

So, spill it!  In the comments, let me know a few of the ways you rock motherhood.  Did anything on my own list inspire you, or do we do any of the same things?

I nominate Jasmine from Love Life Laugh Motherhood and Luz from Adventures with Nico.

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