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6 Perfect Valentines for Your Child’s Classroom that Aren’t Overly Girly

by Ivy B

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These are perfect Valentine’s Day cards for your child’s classroom that aren’t overly girly.

It’s time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day.  And, it’s one of my least favorite times of year, which I actually plan to discuss in the very near future.  But, as a mommy, I’m kind of obligated to get into the spirit and help my daughter pick cards for her classmates.

Hey, whatever happened to shopping at brick and mortar stores? Oh yeah!

  1. Two kids
  2. Limited selection of crap my kid doesn’t like anyway
  3. Because Amazon

So, that’s my compromise … every year, mommy searches Amazon for a new selection of not-overly-girly Valentine’s Day cards.  As much as S loves dinosaurs and cars, I was disappointed that she chose puppies last year.  I’ll give her a little bit of credit … they were cute.  Kinda hoping she remembers she’s still cool and chooses dinosaurs or cars.  I’d even be happy if she can’t decide between the two and asks for two sets.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

In the meantime, check out these 6 Valentine’s that aren’t completely vomit inducing girly.

6 perfect Valentine Cards for your child's class that aren't overly girlie


6 Perfect Valentine’s That Aren’t Super Girly!

dinosaur Valentines scratch and sniff cards

must start with dinosaurs … it just wouldn’t be right!  Why?  Because my daughter is dinosaur obsessed!  There are 28 awesome grape scented scratch and sniff dinosaur valentines in the box.

Valentine jokes scratch-off cards

How cute are these?  I love Valentine’s Cards that aren’t overly feminine!!! These cards have jokes and the kids do a scratch-off to reveal the (funny) answers.

secret message decoding Valentines

Why choose Valentine’s Cards for kids with candy these days?  You know everyone is allergic to something.  Besides, these are way cooler.  I mean, what kid doesn’t love decoding messages?

Tic Tac Toe Valentine Cards

If your kid loves games, share the love with these Tic Tac Toe Valentines.  The game pieces are stickers, so this is a one use deal, but I bet they’ll go over well with the class!
Animal hug valentinesIf you must give candy, at least wrap it in a hug with cute Valentine’s animals.  I bet you could tape an eraser and pencil together and make that work too!

Valentine party favors for DIY Valentines

Do you like more than just a card?  This party favor pack includes small coloring books, pencils, and heart-shaped pencil sharpeners.  You’d just have to find some cute Valentine’s Day favor bags.

And A Bonus Item

red cellophane treat favor bags for Valentine's Day

Because I love you … I found those favor bags I just said you needed!  This 30 pack of red cellophane bags ought to do the trick!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends!  Are you looking for anything specific?  Let me know and I’ll see if I can help you find it!

What’s your kid’s idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day cards for their classroom?

Check out these Perfect Valentine's that aren't overly girly, perfect for your child's classroom | www.sahmplus.com

Valentine's Day cards for your child's classroom that aren't girly, you don't have to make, and are non-candy
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