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2018 Holiday Gift Guide for 7 Year Old Girls

by Ivy B

This year, choosing gifts for my daughter has been quite the task!  I miss the toddler days, when I could choose educational toys and she was just excited to open presents.  But, choosing presents for 7 year old girls aren’t anywhere near as easy.  At least, not in my mind.

About a year ago, thanks to school and suddenly recognizing what peers think, her favorite color has become pink.  Her choice in toys has also become much more girl oriented.  I can’t remember what we were talking about, but I distinctly remember her saying “but that’s for boys.”  All my efforts to allow her to play with anything and everything that she enjoyed came undone when she entered school.  She’s now wanting to “fit in” and is turning into a girly-girl.

As much as I don’t enjoy all the pink, girly things around the house, I know I have to accept this stage.  So, I’ve already had her go through toy catalogs to help me understand what she wants.  Some things in this gift guide I chose, but others were chosen by her.

2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Presents for 7 year old girls
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2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Presents for 7 Year Old Girls

I have been provided samples or compensation for including some of these items in this year’s gift guide.  My relationship with these sponsors does not sway my opinions.


Bookroo chapter book subscription for 7 year old | sahmplus
Photo Courtesy: Bookroo

My daughter has always done well with reading and at 7, she’s reading nearly a grade level ahead of her own.  I wish I could attribute it to taking her to the library every week since she was a baby, but I really think it’s just her personality.

Despite being a good reader, however, she’s somewhat stubborn about reading her required 15 – 20 minutes a day for school.

What I find to help us is to get books she really enjoys.  But, finding a good book can be a huge task.

Bookroo helps by sending 2 chapter books per month.  So, not only is it exciting that she’s getting 2 new books every month, but they’re individually wrapped, which only increases the anticipation!

While Bookroo offers a Chapter Book subscription for ages 7 – 10, they also offer board book subscriptions for ages 0mo to 3 yr, and picture books subscriptions for ages 2 to 6 years.  So, you can take care of all the little ones in your family with books that are appropriate for their ages.

Get started on your child’s Bookroo Subscription with $15 off using code BOOKS2LOVE for any subscription of your choosing! 

A Quiet Reading SpotUse a reading corner to make reading more fun for kids | sahmplus.com

If your child loves to read, like mine does, he or she might like a quiet cozy spot in the house to read in and it couldn’t be easier than a kid’s tent!

My daughter was given a teepee a couple years ago.  Initially, she used it to camp out in her room, but then it became the occasional reading corner for her.

Using a teepee or tent is just one of the ways we use to make reading more fun at home.  But, it can be used for quiet time activities, the rare nap, or camping out overnight in her room.

Now, we were gifted this tent a few years ago, and I can’t seem to find one that looks like it, but Amazon has a ton of great kid’s tents that are similar!

Weaving Loom

Weaving loom kit for kids 2018 holiday gift guide

My kiddo has ALWAYS been very arts and crafts oriented.  Aside from being able to sit down and do worksheets and coloring pages with her at a young age, anything that’s involved using her hands to create has appealed to her.

As a toddler, she could paint for hours.  And when it came to coloring, she was quite the perfectionist, trying to quit coloring because she couldn’t “stay in the lines like mommy.”  But once I convinced her that it all takes practice, she’s never stopped doodling, coloring, or trying any other art or craft to the best of her ability.

But, I don’t like a ton of messy crafts either, so something like this weaving loom kit was perfect for her. It allowed her to be creative without much in the way of prep work.   And, there’s no cleanup!

Hatchimals, Cases, and Playsets

7 Year Old Girl's Collection of Hatchimals | sahmplus.com

For the first time in 7 years, my daughter’s gotten involved in a fad toy.  And, boy is she ever crazy about Hatchimals.

Whenever she has money saved up from her allowance, Birthday money, or we offer her a special present she immediately requests something related to Hatchimals.

Now, most of her Hatchimals are the tiny ones that are easily lost or stuffed in random places (like mama’s yoga mat to be found at the beginning of class) by her almost 3 year old brother.  So, I highly recommend doing more than buying just Hatchimals.

This year we had to convince her to get a carrying case for her little Hatchimals – this carrying case we decided on because it came with two special Hatchimals.

Now, she’s asked us to get her [easyazon_link keywords=”Hatchimals playsets” cloak=”n” locale=”US” localize=”y” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”ivsvabasaan0a-20″]Hatchimals playsets[/easyazon_link] “so they have a place to play.”

Little Live Pets – Rollie, My Kissing Puppy

Little Live Pets – My Kissing Puppy – Rollie
  • I kiss and lick just like a real puppy!
  • I wag my tail when I’m happy!
  • I make cute puppy sounds
  • My eye close when I sleep
  • Comes with an adoption certificate

I guess having a real dog at home isn’t enough cuteness for my daughter.  She chose to add Rollie, My Kissing Puppy from Little Live Pets to her wish list this year.

Rollie wags his tail, kisses and licks, and makes 25+ sounds and actions much like a real dog.  The good news is, it’s a pet that we don’t have any more responsibility for, so our real dog won’t be neglected (she’ll just be jealous).

Supposedly, the more attention you give Rollie, the more he loves you back.  So, I can see this being a great toy for kids without real pets, so they can see how rewarding it can be to care for a pet.

Fingerlings HUGS – Kiki

Fingerlings HUGS – Kiki – Advanced Interactive Plush Baby Monkey Pet – by WowWee (Amazon Exclusive)
  • Meet Fingerlings HUGS – they’re softies when it comes to affection! Their long arms are perfect for big hugs and these cuddle monkeys never want to let you go!
  • They’ll have supersized reactions to all of your actions. From burps to toots to laughs, there’s never a dull moment!
  • Your HUGS will show you how excited they are when you throw them in the air, swing them, tickle them and turn them upside down!
  • Your sweet monkey loves nothing more than to give you some TLC! Press their mouth to your skin to get a kiss. The longer you hold it, the longer the kiss will last. Mwaaaaah!
  • Want to laugh out loud? Press and hold your HUGS’ left ear while you talk. When you let go, your HUGS will repeat what you say in funny ways! They’ll never stop monkeying around!

I’m always impressed by how much more interaction we’re seeing from toys these days.  Back in my days, our “talking” toys had motorized mouths that made a single simple repetitive motion that many would probably consider pretty creepy these days.

But, toys have come a long way since then.  WowWee came out with these advanced interactive toys and my daughter chose Fingerlings Hugs – Kiki with long arms perfect for big hugs!  But that’s not all Kiki will do!  Kisses, burps, toots, being excited during play, and repeating what you say in silly ways are some examples of the fun your child will have.

What kind of presents for 7 year old girls are best, in your opinion?

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