Forget Meal Planning: Try Healthy Organic Meal Delivery From Sun Basket

by Ivy B
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Time … something adults have very little of.  Parents?  Forget it.  I still wonder how I get as much done as I do … and believe me, it’s not that much.  I can preach the benefits time management for parents as much as I want, but the fact is, doing less is always my preferred method of coping with my duties as a stay at home mom.

Often, when it comes to meal planning, doing less equates to less healthy options.

When you think of freeing yourself from the meal time duties, what do you instantly think of?  Dining out or frozen foods, right?  And most of those options definitely aren’t the healthiest.  Between sodium, processed foods, and lack of healthy fruits and vegetables, I can already feel an artery clogging.  Okay, maybe it’s not that serious, but it truly isn’t good for you.

But, there are options.

You can stop meal planning while still providing healthy organic meals for your family.

I’m a big fan of non-GMO and organic foods after a run-in with Hashimoto’s Disease.  Having to eat Paleo-ish also increases the workload in the kitchen… as if I suddenly had more time.


Argentinian chicken from Sun Basket

Forget Meal Planning with Sun Basket Meal Delivery

Sun Basket takes some of the work off my plate.  I can select the meals I want weekly that fit into our dietary requirements.  They’re delivered to my door with fresh, organic, non-GMO ingredients.  And, it’s less I have to plan or shop for.

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Every ingredient is included in its meal-specific brown paper bag.  The recipe has already been decided.  And, it comes to me in convenient, recyclable packaging.

So, I didn’t have to scour the internet for a new recipe or go shopping.  I don’t even have to worry about locating the right ingredients.  Can you sense how lazy I like to be?

That’s right, people.  If that’s lazy, I’m all for it.

My meals come fresh in a box of frozen ice packs to ensure their freshness.  Then, I just have to select a meal bag for the night, cut up the veggies, and cook.

Toddler can't wait to open Sun Basket meals

The tot couldn’t wait to break into our Sun Basket meals

Aside from time savings and organic meals, what are the benefits of Sun Basket Meal Delivery?

For starters – less time spent on meal planning.  It’s not simply about the time savings.  If you’re like me, you get tired of having to decide what to cook every week.  And, you probably get bored of the same things in and out of the rotation in your meal plan.  I totally loathe meal planning for this reason. I can forget meal planning and let someone else do it for me.

Sun Basket meals are fresh and easily made in about 30 minutes and designed for minimal cleanup.  Plus, they’re pretty kid-friendly.

For the eco-conscious family, know that the packaging is recyclable and meat and seafood are sustainably sourced, hormone-free, and come from the best farms.

You have the chance to get adventurous without purchasing heaps of questionable fruits and vegetables.  Thankfully, you’re provided just enough for the selected meal.  If you decide you don’t like something, it’s not a huge waste.  Bonus points if you try and like something new!

What we tried from Sun Basket

Shrimp lettuce cups from Sun Basket family meal delivery

Shrimp lettuce cups with jicama-mango salad and rice noodles

This was a surprisingly pleasant summery dish.  Though not very filling, my family enjoyed it.  Hubby skipped out on the jicama-mango salad but enjoyed the noodles and shrimp.  Because I knew he wouldn’t eat the salad, I made a couple extra sides and bread.  I figured I’d have the extras as a backup for the kids if they weren’t happy with the meal.

Neither of the kids balked at the meal.  My son ate the jicama and enjoyed it.  My daughter ate everything and was asking for seconds of the noodles and shrimp.

Argentinian chicken from Sun Basket family meal delivery

Argentinian grilled chicken and summer vegetables

Half my cilantro was bad, so I only used part of what was called for in the recipe.  Honestly, I was grateful because we’re not cilantro fans.  Still, next time, I wouldn’t make the chimichurri sauce with any cilantro.  Otherwise, the meal was really good.

My husband enjoyed how the jasmine rice turned out.

This meal also took me about an hour to put together.

A few honest words about Sun Basket

I selected Paleo Friendly meals to suit my dietary needs.  Though this allows me to explore dishes I may not otherwise try on my own accord, time-saving isn’t a huge benefit with this plan.  I found the dishes about as labor intensive as most of the Paleo meals I have to cook.  The only thing I saved was not having to go to the grocery store to look for produce or spices I know nothing about (jicama? I wouldn’t have a clue).

It does seem as the non-paleo versions aren’t as labor-intensive.

Also, the family-friendly meal kit plan is rather expensive.  At $9.99 per serving, a 2 meal a week plan costs roughly half what I normally spend on groceries a week.  Granted, I don’t buy 100% organic and sustainable food.  If you’re dedicated to completely organic, non-GMO products, the cost may not be as significant.  Unfortunately, raising a family of 4 on nothing but Organic isn’t in the budget for us, so I have to practice balance.  I buy what I can in non-toxic food to hopefully counteract the not too desirable foods we buy.  It’s just a fact of life for us.

I wish I could dedicate myself to Sun Basket though!  I’d love to eat 100% organic non-GMO foods.  Plus, not having to meal plan or shop as often would be ideal.  But, it’s just not worth half my grocery budget for 2 meals.  Which, by the way, barely leaves enough for leftovers when everyone enjoys the meal.  If my children were older (or my son wasn’t a picky eater) there wouldn’t be enough leftovers.

My grocery budget allows for leftovers, breakfast, lunch, and snacks for the whole family.  Because of which, Sun Basket isn’t an affordable or feasible for our family.

My husband admitted that he enjoyed having Sun Basket meals delivered solely for having tried something completely different from our routine dishes.  I, too, enjoyed it!  I feel more inspired and adventurous with our meals.

Your kit will include all the recipes for that were available for the week, so you can gather your own supplies and try something that you hadn’t selected.

Okay, I’m ready to save time and eat healthily!  Where do I sign up?

At the Sun Basket website of course!

Guess what?  Sun Basket is offering my readers a 50% discount to try out the Family Menu! 50 PERCENT!  HALF OFF!

Get 50% OFF Family Menu Meals from Sun Basket! Fresh organic, non-GMO ingredients and kid-friendly recipes delivered!

Guys, it’s totally worth trying Sun Basket for half off!  You may find inspiration to expand your menu and perhaps find new foods your kids will eat.

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Yes, you likely would… I’m not certain they have a “feed an army” meal plan LOL

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