How to Create the Perfect Dinosaur Themed Bathroom for Little Kids

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When your kids are obsessed with dinosaurs, you begin to look into creating the perfect dinosaur themed bathroom for little kids. Over 10 suggestions to start your search for dinosaur bathroom stuff!

I’m getting tired of the kids’ bathroom!  It’s been blue and silver for several years.  Too many years to even remember how long because we moved all the stuff from the old house to this one.  And we’ve been here 4 years.  It’s really kind of embarrassing to admit that in public.

So, what do you consider doing when you have two kids who love dinosaurs?  Start picking out dinosaur themed bathroom stuff, of course!

More than 10 ideas to create a dinosaur themed bathroom for little kids. Little kids who love dinosaurs will love this dinosaur bathroom stuff!

Over 10 Ideas to Create a Dinosaur Themed Bathroom for Little Kids

Dinosaur Shower Curtains

To create a new look for a bathroom, I always start with selecting a shower curtain!  If you want the perfect dinosaur themed bathroom for kids, start with a dinosaur shower curtain and get accessories to accentuate it.

I’m undecided on the shower curtains …

Tell me: Which of these would help me start the best dinosaur themed bathroom for little kids?

Saturday Knight Dino Stomp Fabric Shower Curtain, Multicolor

I like this one because it’s an adorable start for the younger kids who love dinosaurs, but maybe aren’t quite ready for the realistic looking ones.

JSTEL Decor Shower Curtain Cute Dinosaurs Cartoon Pattern Print 100% Polyester Fabric Shower Curtain 60 x 72 Inches for Home Bathroom Decorative Shower Bath Curtains

In my opinion this is the perfect dinosaur shower curtain for toddlers and preschoolers.  Even elementary school ages kids may like it.  Since I have a toddler, this would be perfect for another couple years.

And hopefully, it would encourage me to update the bathroom sooner than I have in the last decade. *straight face*

Dinosaur Shower Curtain Set by Ambesonne, Jurassic Dino Living in the Jungle Cartoon Illustration Palm Trees Lakeside Stones Fun Image, Fabric Bathroom Decor with Hooks, Blue Green Red

I’m undecided between this and the previous set for my kids, to be honest.  This one reminds me of the cartoon movie The Land Before Time.  I used to love it as a kid.

KOTOM 3D Cartoon Decor, Cute Dinosaur Brush Teeth for Kids 69X70in Mildew Resistant Polyester Fabric Shower Curtain Suit With 15.7×23.6in Flannel Non-Slip Floor Doormat Bath Rugs, Green

What cute but still hygiene focused?  How about a dinosaur brushing his teeth?

Dinosaur Themed Bathroom Accessories

Iron Dinosaur Paper Towel Holder

I like this, though I read that it’s not extremely functional because it doesn’t hold much.  But, I think it’s an adorable addition to a dinosaur themed bathroom if you have some extra space.

MODONA Four Piece KIDS Bathroom Accessories Set – Dinosaur

How cute is this bathroom accessory set?

KOTOM 3D Cartoon Decor, Cute Dinosaur Brush Teeth for Kids Bath Rugs, Non-Slip Doormat Floor Entryways Indoor Front Door Mat, Kids Bath Mat, 15.7×23.6in, Bathroom Accessories, Green

What a cute reminder for little kids to brush their teeth!  Do you think they’d pay more attention to the dinosaur than mom?  Of course!

Allure Home Creations Dinosaur Friends Bath Rug

Another adorable bathroom rug for your little kids’ dinosaur obsession!  I think this one is really cute, personally!

Dinosaur Print Waste Basket (White) (Personalized)

If you only have one little kid, having a personalized dinosaur wastebasket could be a great addition to your dinosaur themed bathroom!

Dinosaur Bath Towels and Robes for Little Kids

A dinosaur themed bathroom for little kids isn’t complete without the perfect accessory.  Don’t forget the towels that turn your children into dinosaurs themselves, of course!

Baby Hooded Bathrobe,Happycell Dinosaur Baby Towel for Newborn and Kids,100% Cotton washable Children Pajamas Sleepwear (2-4T, Green)

This hooded bathrobe is an adorable toddler accessory to add to the dinosaur themed bathroom for little kids.  The only thing is, it doesn’t seem to get great reviews on Amazon.

Izzy & Roo Green Dinosaur Hooded Bathrobe for Kids (3-6 Years)

This towel/robe is more for the 3 – 6 year old dinosaur loving crowd, but it’s better rated on Amazon.  It’s made of soft, plush velor and looks really cute!  Plus, they have this dinosaur hooded bathrobe in pink, too.

Dinosaur Themed Bathroom Toys

Set of 3 Water Fun Toy Bath Squirters for the Tub (Dinosaur)

Okay, I know we’re all afraid of molding bath squirt toys.  My recommendation is to buy these cute little squirt toys to add to the dinosaur fun in the tub and use them a couple times, then toss them when you’re concerned about mold build up.

Edushape Magic Creations Bath Play Set, Dinosaurs

We have a similar set of bath toys in sea life.  These things stick to the wall or the tub once they’re wet.  And, they have a handy mesh bag for storage that you could hang on the shower wall with a set of suction cup hangers.

Your kids will love creating their own jurassic scenes in the tub of their newly designed dinosaur themed bathroom.

What do you think of this dinosaur bathroom stuff?

Tell me: what are your favorites in this collection of ideas to create a dinosaur themed bathroom for little kids?

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