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Roll with the Punches!

by Ivy B

We’re losing our minds over all these uncertainties. Our health (mental and physical) is at stake. We’re scared, annoyed, and complaining at every turn. Some of us are, and more of us should be, rolling with the punches because life, as we’ve become accustomed to, is changing.

I’ve bitched.

I’ve moaned.

I’ve been angry.

I’ve been sad.

I too thought the country was losing their minds over a cold/flu.

Well, the pandemic has spread and at the very least, I recognize that everything is closing and grocery stores are continually running out of supplies.

Roll with the punches. Life is challenging ... Can we adapt to change in the world?
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Right now, some of the scare is simply “can I get the food (or toilet paper) we need the next time I visit the store?”

No where near the scare of some of you who may be wondering “how can I pay for the food at the store?” when you’ve been sent home and cannot work … for the foreseeable future.

Schools are working to continue educational services at home by way of virtual learning.

Some wine and liquor stores are closing.

There’s thousands of other things going on that are reshaping our world. And there are thousands of predictions of what the future holds.

Some believe we’ll go “back to normal” in a couple months while others predict 18 months.

But what if this IS our new normal?

I mean, if we’re dealing with this for 18 months, you can bet that this will take years for people recover financially, at the very least.

So, what if we stop making predictions and just roll with the punches?

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What if we stop bitching about all the ways people are trying to help us?

The government wants to send you an extra thousand dollars. And I see comments like:

“wtf is that going to do?” or

“I’m the one out of a job … why does the person who continues to work get the same relief?”

Do you think it’s worth the government’s time and energy to weed out who should and shouldn’t get a stimulus check. And better yet, do you think they can take the extra time to verify when that person does end up losing their job to confirm their stimulus benefit?

And the school systems have closed and sent your children home. We’re bitching because the kids are home. We can’t go to work or we’re having trouble working from home.

The schools are working diligently to provide virtual learning (something previous generations weren’t afforded) to maintain some semblance of normal.

And we’ve got moms bitching that we didn’t sign up for homeschooling. Even I have struggled with the thought … you know, because I have two kids at home. One will be doing virtual school while I have to figure out how to entertain the other one more often.

We’ve got moms worried about low income families who don’t have the tools they need to do online school.

Our school system is providing laptops to those who need them. Comcast has offered free service for those in need as well.

And yet families continue to bitch about not having the time to home school.

“Why can’t we just let the kids enjoy the time off?”

“Imagine the inequalities”

How about: You were bitching about the time off and how it affects your schedule anyway! So WTF does it matter if they want kids to have a chance to finish their school year by providing distance learning opportunities? They’re not asking you to sit down and teach the kids!

Our country and our states are TOO BIG to be able to make appropriate choices for EVERYONE. They are making decisions the best way they know how, using the technology that’s available.

If you don’t like that, we need to reconsider how our country is run … but that’s a topic left to discuss some other time and with mature individuals who understand life is not and cannot be “equal” or “fair”.

There are too many constantly moving parts.

There are too many people who think, feel, and act differently.

There are too many people who have different needs.

At this point, none of us have any idea how any of this is going to play out. And you think bitching about every little thing is going to help the situation?

So, how about roll with the punches!

None of us asked for this.

We’re all trying our best.

And, we have no idea what kind of ride we’re in for over the next few months (or years).

Our sense of normal is over and it’s time to adjust to a new sense of normal.


And if there is a failure, change again.

a quote on challenges

Adapt as our world is taking on a new challenge.

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