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4 Natural Ways to Improve Fertility That Worked For Me

by Ivy B

You can improve fertility naturally.  Though there are some things you can do, increasing your chances of getting pregnant also has to do with knowledge.  These are my tips for boosting fertility naturally before seeking medical assistance.

Nearly 13 years ago, we started trying for our first baby.  At the time, I was approaching my 30s.  I’d waited until my late 20s to settle down and marry.  Not for lack of desire, but finding Mr. Right (or Mr. Better-than-what-I-had) proved a difficult task.

After a year of marriage, we began trying for our first baby.  I got off the pill, totally dismissing the doctor’s discussion of how long it could take to get pregnant. 

I felt healthy and I was totally ready for a baby, so I (wrongly) assumed I’d be pregnant right away.

A few months down the road, I was becoming disappointed.  “Practicing” as my husband called it was starting to become more of a chore.  In time,  I began to calculate and track everything because I’m both a planner and impatient.  It was time months before, in my mind, so I didn’t understand why this was so difficult for my body.

I tried to speak to my doctor about how to get pregnant faster, but I was met with very little assistance because I hadn’t been trying at least a year.  In the grand scheme of things, I’m actually kind of glad I got no help at the time, because it was important for me to get pregnant naturally.   So, I began to take matters into my own hands and work on these areas to improve my fertility.

This is the path I took to improve my fertility and what I can wholeheartedly recommend to improve fertility and increase your chances of becoming pregnant.  Please be aware that I consider these basic, first steps to your fertility health.  This is not an all-inclusive list and not necessarily for those who have struggled with trying to conceive for longer periods of time.  But, these are things you may wish to rule out to boost fertility prior to seeking invasive or more in-depth medical advice.

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Great Ways to Improve Fertility and Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

There are several things to know and watch to improve fertility and increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally.  These are the steps I took to understand the process, my body, and my health which in turn helped me to get pregnant more quickly.

Understand your cyles

One thing I never really understood was my menstrual cycle.  Shame on me, right?  It wasn’t uncommon for me to not have a period every month.  Growing up, I was never told this was “normal” so I believed it was normal.

A normal menstrual cycle is 21 to 35 days according to Mayo Clinic.  Anything longer or shorter can indicate hormones are unbalanced or a health issue needs to be looked into.

Factors can be unhealthy weight, excessive exercise, or other health concerns.  If your cycles aren’t “normal” you’re encouraged to speak with a trusted physician.

In my case, I had extremely long cycles, which made it difficult for me to get pregnant.

Track your fertility

Although this isn’t necessarily a direct way to boost fertility, tracking your cycles can help you to understand it.  Knowing when you ovulate and tracking any irregularities in your cycles will help you to understand what, if anything, needs to be improved on in your life.

Aside from learning about your cycles for fertility and increasing your chances of getting pregnant, this book can later be used to help you with the Fertility Awareness Method to prevent pregnancy.  I strongly believe knowledge is power.  The more I know, the more power I have over my body and my life.  In parenting, I need as much knowledge and power to keep me strong.

The book I recommend is Taking Charge of Your Fertility.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility, 20th Anniversary Edition: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health
  • Weschler, Toni (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 560 Pages – 07/07/2015 (Publication Date) – William Morrow Paperbacks (Publisher)

This is a huge book and may seem overwhelming.  I found it useful to skim the areas I was directly interested in … tracking ovulation and detecting issues within my cycle to help me determine if there were areas to work on.  And reading my basal body temperature?  Something I’d never heard of prior to trying to conceive (TTC).

Regulate your cycles if they’re an issue

Since I primarily started using the pill in my teens to regulate my cycles, it was important to continue regulating them without preventing pregnancy.  By not regulating my cycles, I was continuing to prevent myself from becoming pregnant anyway.

Although it is recommended you speak to your doctor (and I don’t have a medical degree), I chose to regulate my cycles using a capsule called Vitex (aka Chasteberry).   Vitex is generally considered a fertility super herb and is recommended by many naturally-minded women seeking natural remedies for period regulation.

I can attest to it’s efficacy as it did help me to regulate my cycles when I was first TTC’ing.  I never had to seek medical assistance with this issue.  Please be aware, however, that this herb is not recommended for individuals with certain health conditions or unhealthy lifestyles.  If you’re interested in Vitex, please do your research or speak with a trusted alternative health practitioner before determining whether or not this is a course of action you should be taking.

When I determined Vitex was right for me, I chose Natures Way Vitex Fruit CapsReviews can be mixed, but I found these to be affordable and effective, personally.

Nature’s Way Vitex Fruit, Traditional Menstrual Cycle Support*, Traditional Women’s Health Support*, Chasteberry, Vegan, 320 Capsules (Packaging May Vary)
  • Nature’s Way Vitex Fruit provides traditional menstrual cycle support.*
  • Vitex fruit, also known as chasteberry, is native to the Mediterranean.
  • Adults take 1 capsule two to three times daily for 8-12 weeks. Thereafter, take 1 capsule daily.
  • Gluten-free and vegan. No wheat, soy, corn, dairy, gelatin, or artificial colors or flavors.
  • At Nature’s Way, we believe nature is the ultimate problem solver. For over 50 years, we have looked to the natural world for inspiration. Our quality vitamins and supplements are formulated to help you find your way to wellness.

Assess Your Physical Well-Being

Are you living a healthy lifestyle and of a healthy weight?  To improve fertility, your physical well-being shouldn’t be ignored.

Being kind to our bodies is important if we’re going to expect them to carry our babies.  I know we can’t control everything and plenty of people get pregnant easily not eating healthily.  But, if you’re struggling to get pregnant, this isn’t something to dismiss.

Take care of yourself now.  Knowing that if you do become pregnant, eating healthy for your growing baby will be easier if you started off on the right foot.

At the time I started trying to conceive I was already eating a low carb, healthier diet.  I ate tons of salads and I’d been exercising regularly to try to reduce my cholesterol.  Continuing to eat healthy was a no-brainer for me.

But, I was turned on to a book called Making Babies: A Proven 3-Month Program for Maximum Fertility.

This book, I feel, was one of the leading factors in improving my fertility.  It’s designed to that one takes a quiz about how they feel, in general.  Based on the answers, the book recommends a specific diet to approach caring for your body in the way it needs.

I was recommended a warming diet.  Priority foods to eat for my needs were soups, stews, and drinks without ice.  Every where I went, I drank water without ice and swapped salads for healthier warm meals.  Though I’d been trying for nearly 8 months to get pregnant, I actually got pregnant within 2 months after having read and implemented the suggestions from this book.  Of course, I’d already regulated my cycles by this time too.

If you’re looking to improve fertility naturally, this book is a must-read!

Making Babies: A Proven 3-Month Program for Maximum Fertility
  • Hardcover Book
  • David, Sami S. (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 384 Pages – 08/12/2009 (Publication Date) – Little, Brown and Company (Publisher)

Assess your mental well-being

Taking care of yourself is a top priority.  Once you do have a baby, it will be one of the most important ways to maintain your sanity.  A good mother knows she needs to care for herself in order to care for others.  Start your path to parenthood in the right state of mind.

Have you ever heard stories of the couples who tried for years to have a baby to no avail until the days or weeks leading up to their eventual decision to adopt children?  I had several friends who went through this process.  Struggling with fertility, fostering children, and eventually deciding to adopt their foster kid (s).  And then, they found out they were pregnant within the same weeks they were to learn they would be able to adopt the children they’d been caring for.  Some of them, the very day they were finalizing their adoptions.

The only thing they attribute the success to was that they were no longer focused on having a baby.  They’d let go and relaxed and then suddenly, it just happened.

I know it only took me 8 months of trying to conceive the first time, but when I finally verbally “gave up” it happened for me too.  I straight up was tired of trying and just wanted to stop thinking about it.

Try to relax, get some pampering, and don’t focus on it.  Live your life to the fullest and be happy when and if you’re blessed with a baby.  (Please know I’m not saying to totally give up … I know all too well how strong that maternal clock is.  I just don’t want it taking over your life making you and your husband miserable).

How to Increase Fertility in Women, Naturally

Ready to optimize your path to motherhood? These are practical, natural ways to boost fertility, focusing on understanding your cycle, nourishing your body and mind, and exploring natural supportive measures. Remember, patience and seeking professional guidance when needed are crucial as you embark on this journey.

Embrace Your Cycle:

  1. Understand the Rhythm: Dive deeper into your menstrual cycle! Track its length, flow, and any irregularities. Normal cycles range from 21 to 35 days, and deviations might indicate hormonal imbalances. Consulting a healthcare professional for guidance is always wise.
  2. Unveiling Ovulation: Knowing your fertile window empowers you. Consider charting basal body temperature, using ovulation prediction kits, or exploring fertility awareness methods like the cervical mucus method. Understanding when you ovulate significantly increases your chances of conception.

Nourish Your Body & Mind:

  1. Fuel for Fertility: Embrace a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. Focus on healthy fats like omega-3s and limit processed foods, sugary drinks, and trans fats. These dietary changes can positively impact egg health and ovulation.
  2. Move Your Body, Nourish Your Soul: Regular exercise promotes hormonal balance and overall well-being. Aim for moderate physical activity most days of the week, but avoid excessive exertion. Prioritize stress management techniques like yoga, meditation, or mindfulness to keep your mental health in check.

Explore Natural Support:

  1. Herbal Allies: Some herbs, like Vitex (Chasteberry), are traditionally used for menstrual cycle regulation and fertility enhancement. While promising, it’s crucial to consult your doctor before incorporating any herbs into your routine, especially if you have existing health conditions.
  2. Acupuncture & Traditional Practices: Consider exploring alternative therapies like acupuncture, reflexology, or massage, which have shown some benefits for fertility in certain studies. Discuss these options with your healthcare provider to ensure they complement your existing care plan.


  • Patience is Key: While these tips can significantly enhance your chances of conception, remember that every woman’s journey is unique. Be patient with your body and avoid unnecessary stress.
  • Seek Support: Don’t hesitate to seek professional help if you face challenges on your path to motherhood. Discuss your concerns with your doctor or consider joining a fertility support group for guidance and inspiration.

By prioritizing your physical and mental well-being, adopting healthy habits, and exploring natural options, you can create a fertile environment for conception and empower yourself on your journey to becoming a mother.

Tell me: what do you consider basic steps to improve fertility?

Do you know anyone struggling with fertility?  Lift their spirits with these fun ideas for throwing a getting pregnant party.

This post to “improve fertility” was originally published here January 2020.  The content has been updated.

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