Magic Kingdom is an Infant Friendly Theme Park

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Magic Kingdom Infant Friendly Theme ParkAt the end of summer, hubby decided to take the family on a day-trip to Disney World.  It had been a little over a year since we’d taken our daughter, and our annual passes had since expired.  We hadn’t renewed because S was going to start school.  Plus, having a new baby, we weren’t sure of when we’d be ready to hit the theme parks again.  Fortunately, Magic Kingdom is an extremely infant friendly theme park.  Our day trip was long, but amazing.

Our only trips to Disney in the last couple years involved young children who were capable of walking onto rides with us.  I hadn’t realized just how many rides we would be able to take the baby on, so my love for Disney grew with our end of summer trip.

Do you want to know what makes Magic Kingdom such an amazingly infant friendly theme park?

How many rides can I take my infant on at Magic Kingdom?

Get ready for some family fun that even the smallest members can enjoy.  I’m not even going to include shows in my count.

I count 18 rides that you can take your infant on.  This includes things like the Walt Disney World Railroad, Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress, and the People Mover, but your baby can have so much more fun if you’re so inclined.

infant friendly Dumbo ride Magic Kingdom

Everyone riding Dumbo

On our recent trip, I was able to take the baby on the following rides:

  • Haunted Mansion
  • Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant
  • It’s a Small World
  • Jungle Cruise
  • The Magic Carpets of Aladdin
  • Prince Charming Regal Carrousel

There were more rides, but we ran out of time on our day-trip.  At least I know I have plenty of options during our next trip to Disney!!

Bonus reasons Magic Kingdom is an Extraordinarily Infant Friendly Theme Park

  1. You can bring in baby food and bottles.
  2. They have baby care centers – complementary nursing rooms, changing rooms, and feeding stations with highchairs.  Plus, if you left anything or run out, there’s a small shop for supplies.
  3. Rider Switch– this allows you to use your FastPass to send daddy and child on a ride, while you stay behind with baby.  When they return, you swap the baby, and you get to go on the ride with your child (even though child already used their FastPass).
  4. If you’re babywearing, you don’t have to remove your baby from your carrier to ride unless you want to.
  5. Stroller parking is strategically placed near most rides.
  6. Souvenir pick-up can be arranged.  Who wants to tote around baby, stroller, and souvenirs all day?  You don’t have to.  Have your merchandise sent to a location near the exit for you to pick up when leaving the park.  Of course, you can always have it shipped home for an additional fee, if you’d prefer not to stuff the car to the roof.

So, have you found any reasons I didn’t list that make Disney’s Magic Kingdom a surprisingly infant friendly theme park?


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