Memories: Wooden Nesting Dolls

by Ivy B
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As a young child, I used to love playing with my dad’s aunt’s set of wooden nesting dolls.  Years later, when some of her belongings were being distributed among family, my dad tried to get those dolls for me, knowing I had a fond memory of them.  Unfortunately, they had been claimed before he could get them, so he happened on a new set somewhere and bought them for me.

Wooden nesting dolls |

© Ivy

The new set didn’t hold the same value, emotionally, but it brought back memories of nesting and unnesting those things so many times at my great-aunt’s house, that I was excited to receive them.  A couple more years down the road, and now my daughter loves playing with these, too.

toddler plays with wooden nesting dolls |

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It wasn’t until recently that I decided to learn a little bit more about these dolls.  Learn about the Matryoshka doll on Wikipedia… I think their history and production is pretty interesting.

Was there a special toy you played with as a child that your own child(ren) express an interest in?

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