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Mindfulness For Kids: The Simple Solution To Teach Kids

by Ivy B

Interested in mindfulness for kids?  Now is a great time to start your child’s education in mindfulness and meditation.  Here’s what helps us.

Ahhh … summertime!

It’s the time of year when moms are excited for summer fun adventures with the kids.

But, we’re also dreading the summer boredom woes, the demands for screen time, and the attitudes we’ll receive.  You know … because our fun plans just didn’t line up with their plans to veg out and play on their tablets.

If you’re like me, you’re used to having a least one little one at home, but having the big kid at home messes with schedules.  And, while the big kids can be entertaining for the little ones, you’re just as likely to hear a ton of sibling arguments.

As we all deal with adjusting to our new (and temporary) schedules, I think we can all expect a roller coaster of emotions.

That’s why I’m really excited to be putting Zafooz to the test, thanks to the collaboration made possible through Mom’s Meet.

I know I should be practicing mindfulness.

1 tool teaches mindfulness for kids. Activities and resources for kids mindfulness practice with Zafooz
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Personally, I try.  But I am easily distracted.  I’m terrible at creating mindfulness practice habits.  I’ve even had trouble sticking to yoga recently, although my short stints with it result it amazing feelings afterwards.

I know the benefits and I’ve seen some breathing techniques work on my youngest child.  So, the Zafooz pillows can be an encouraging (and adorable) reminder to make mindful breathing part of our day.

I received this product for free from Moms Meet (momsmeet.com) to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided.

Whether we just want to start our day in a short mindful breathing exercise or we need to take a break to ease some heavy emotions, I truly believe these soft and friendly characters will provide an inviting experience for us all.

Mindfulness For Kids With Zafooz

Zafooz are meditation cushions perfect for teaching mindfulness to kids

Why Mindfulness For Kids?

Mindfulness is good for children because:

It helps find peace in stressful situations

Teaches them to respond to life in a happier way

Helps develop self-regulation and reduces anxiety.

Therefore, mindfulness is good for their growing brains!

But, these are just 3 reasons to start practicing mindfulness with kids.

Zafooz for Mindfulness

So, if you want to teach mindfulness to children, why choose Zafooz?

Zafooz were created to be inviting reminders to children to connect and nurture themselves.  Young children relate to stuffed animals … and this is by far the sweetest, snuggliest stuffy one could own, in my opinion.

Each Zafooz has it’s own mantra and stories to guide children into mindfulness.

We received Lotus Ladybug and Mindful Monkey.  Each seemed appropriately suited to my children, though interchangeably.

As you see, though, starting lessons in mindfulness for kids didn’t go so well right off the bat.

new mindfulness practice for kids - the youngest was a bit impatient

Someone wanted to snuggle and run around with his monkey.  But, we persisted and actually enjoyed the mindfulness practice!  Zafooz website is full of mindfulness practice resources including guided mindfulness practices for different stages.

By the end of it, I could tell my oldest was enjoying the peaceful few minutes of guided practice.  She became calm and answered the questions easily.  The youngest .. well, he could really stand to use mindfulness more *wink*.

Kids sitting in mindfulness practice - learning breathing and concentration

At the end of the practice, we were instructed to thank ourselves for taking time out of our day to focus on ourselves.  Of course, this also meant thanking Lotus Ladybug and Mindful Monkey for helping them find some peace in their day.

Thanking Zafooz for today's mindfulness practice

What I like about Zafooz is that they have soft, matching handles attached at the sides of their bodies so that you can carry them (and your mindfulness practice) wherever you go!

zafooz soft matching handle to take mindfulness practice anywhere

Save 15% And Try It Out Yourself

Ready to try out mindfulness for kids with Zafooz?

Save 15% on your zafooz.com/shop purchase by using the promo code breatheBhappy. Offer valid until July 22, 2019.

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