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My Little Girl is Going to Be a Science Nerd

by Ivy B

making a science nerd
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I’m pretty sure my daughter is going to be a science nerd.

girl science nerd with baking soda

A couple years ago, I attended a monthly preschool program with S at our local museum of science and history.  As it happened, that day’s program included a science show.  So, I took us in, solely for making sure to make the most of our cheap entrance.

The show began and the guy conducting science experiments began to seek volunteers to help.  Then, my usually shy daughter, was jumping out of her seat and whining at me that she wanted to go up.  She was obviously heartbroken every time she didn’t get called upon.  I sat in amazement not sure I knew this little girl.  Somehow, I had failed to realize her interest in science.  Art, I knew.  Science, I wasn’t good at and never bothered to show it to her.

(Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.  If you click on my links and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission, but will cost you nothing more).

Fast forward to now.  At nearly 5, she’s increasingly interested in science and I’ve struggled with ways to incorporate it into educational time.  I mean, I’m no science nerd.  However, this summer, the library put on a wonderful reading program that included lists of books in different categories to read.

I pulled a few books from the science category and found a science experiment book for children.  Of all the books we borrowed over the summer, this book was constantly in my face.  “Can we do this activity?” she’d ask.  If I didn’t have the tools, S would ask again, page by page until she found one I could agree to do.  If I was able to do the activity, her eyes would then widen and she would beam with excitement.

I’m not science minded, so the thought of providing activities for my little science nerd was daunting.  Fortunately for me, I found the book Usborne 100 Science Experiments.

Easy science activities for a young science nerd

This book was a blessing toward the end of the summer.  S was bored at home.  I’ve never quite been able to keep up with her need for learning and the new baby made keeping up with activities even more difficult.

Thankfully, this book made it more simple to entertain her than I’d imagined.  Many of the activities required tools and props I already had around the house.  Some didn’t, but could easily be acquired at a grocery store or a quick trip to Walmart (or quick online purchase on amazon, of course).

The activities we did was not limited to making

  • colored foam (see video below)

  • a paper airplane with and without curled wings
  • sugar crystals
girl science nerd making sugar crystals

Making sugar crystals

I highly recommend borrowing or purchasing this book if your child is a budding science nerd.  I couldn’t believe how easy the activities were.  Plus, you likely have most of the tools needed at home already.  As a bonus, the book makes the science experiments cute, which makes them all the more fun.

summer activities for making a science nerd

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