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Fantastic Resources to Help You Parent as a Team

by Ivy B

It is oh so important to parent as a team!

If you haven’t already, I recommend you head over to the post to learn about the benefits of parenting teamwork, and how to begin the process.

Your children reap benefits when their parents are working together instead of arguing over parenting tactics.

Raising kids as a team benefits everyone involved.

Once you’re up to speed and ready to learn how to parent as a team, effectively, it’s time to learn some parenting tactics and discuss ones you and your partner think you can work on together!

So, I wanted to share some resources to help you dig deeper into parenting as a team.  I’m including some parenting resources I’ve found useful in sharing parenting responsibilities, including some general parenting books.

Struggling with parenting as a team? Check out these 6 amazing resources to help you parent as a team, regardless of your family dynamics
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Books to Help You Parent as a Team

Parenting as a team isn’t done well by happenstance!

You and your partner need to know where each of you stand on all sorts of parenting issues!

What do you each consider disciplinary problems that need to be dealt with?

How do you feel about how to discipline your kids?  Do you agree or are there some things you need to find common ground on?

As with marriage, parenting together means plenty of discussion and sometimes compromise.  If you can’t find common ground and a way to work together, parenting is going to be a struggle for you both.

Your kids will ultimately pay the price because they won’t have a clear understanding of what is expected of them!

Plus, when you can’t parent together, you essentially leave it up to the kid to decide who is in charge!

Raising Kids as a Team

This book is written for stepfamilies and includes information to help you parent as a team


General Parenting Books

I recommend some general parenting books that each parent read to help determine what each feels appropriate.  After you’ve both read up on parenting techniques, sit down and have a discussion.  Find some common ground in practices you can employ and use them to help you parent as a team.

One of my favorite, and easiest to implement, strategies came from 1-2-3 Magic.  This one was by far the easiest for both my husband and myself to adopt together to help us parent as a team, especially while the kids are little.

Considering your child’s brain

Adult logic doesn’t tend to work with children while parenting.  I found this book to be a fascinating and useful approach to parenting and discipline, which helped me understand the workings of a child’s brain.  And, that helped me to understand why certain techniques didn’t always work.

Consequence and Reward Jars

As our daughter got older, we had to get a little more creative with our disciplining techniques.  My husband and I began working with consequence and reward jars.  And I still found it useful to use the 1-2-3 Magic technique.  The best part of using consequence and reward jars is that you can both come to an agreement on appropriate consequences and neither of you really have to be the bad guy.  This makes it easier to parent as a team.

Check out the consequence and reward jar system.

improve behavior consequence reward jars and parent as a team effectively

Do you have any other resources that will help parents work together?

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Julie May 3, 2017 - 1:16 am

Loved this group group!

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I love the consequence jar. Even as having a little one you can add this into their daily routines etc

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