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How The Tuttle Twins Books Help In Raising a Conservative Child

by Ivy B

Can I get some help raising a conservative child?  Our conservative values can be taught in an easy to understand way through The Tuttle Twins books for children.

This is a sponsored conversation between myself, The Tuttle Twins, and Dealspotr.

There’s a reason I give my children chores.  I believe in their ability to teach my children about personal responsibility and being a productive member of the family.

Sure, there are others who believe giving children chores is child abuse.  But, I don’t see it that way.  If you give children chores and teach them responsibility early, you’re setting them up for being a productive member of society.  That’s just one reason kids should have chores!

Similarly, as is our conservative parenting style, we believe in hard work and perseverance to earn things we want.  We back up completed chores with a financial incentive.  We don’t require our children to do all their chores.  They’re certainly able to choose not to do them in most cases. However, that choice negatively affects their earnings.

We’re trying to drive the concept that if you don’t work,  you don’t earn money.  And mom and dad don’t simply buy everything that isn’t a basic necessity.

Additionally, we aim to teach our children they have a responsibility to themselves to become better at things they hope to achieve.

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For instance, our daughter’s first soccer team relied heavily on participation trophies and limiting competitiveness.  Though it was a great introduction to soccer, her skills never improved and she had no idea how to actually play soccer.  It wasn’t until we moved her to a teach that didn’t focus solely on having a good time that she began to desire to be better and work to improve her skills.  Why?  Because she was being encouraged to improve.  Her team-mates and opposing teams had the opportunity to show their skills.  The ball wasn’t being handed to the losing team to “give them a chance”.

Our conservative parenting ways certainly have the potential to hurt our kids feelings.  I mean, what little kid doesn’t just want things handed to them.  They’re driven by impulsiveness.  But it’s not my job as a parent to give in to their every impulsive desire.  It’s my job to teach them to work for everything they want.  I have to teach them to try harder and learn new skills in order to achieve personal goals (like wanting to score a goal or help their team win a soccer match).

For me, this is about teaching my children real-life values, expectations, and freedom.  I also understand my views are those of a conservative parent.  And, in a very liberal world, I understand my children are being taught in school and extracurricular activities many things we don’t believe in.

Though we try to practice tolerance, there are still some very conservative values that we hold dear and hope our children learn from us.

Our Conservative Parenting Friend

Image of The Tuttle Twins book series for conservative thinkers | sahmplus.com

That’s why I’m really excited about The Tuttle Twins books!

These fun kids books help me to teach these conservative ideas to my kids.  You know, because I doubt my ability to explain them in terms my children are going to understand.  I mean, how is a 7 year old going to understand the potential negative effects of socialism when I explain a very adult topic in the adult terms I know?

Not that I couldn’t figure it out, but as with any hard conversation with kids, it takes time, careful choice of words, and lots of questions that often lead to misunderstanding and rewording.

It’s difficult.  But it’s important we have these difficult discussions with our kids, because we want them to be responsible voters.

So, The Tuttle Twins books introduce these hard topics in a more relatable way for kids to better understand.  They at least get the conversation going on a level that kids can better grasp, which opens the door for more discussion.

Reading The Tuttle Twins and the Road to Surfdom. Conservative children's books about collective planning, teaching collectivism and individualism | sahmplus.com

The first book we read was The Tuttle Twins and The Road to Surfdom, which explained how central planning creates unintended consequences for people whether or not they supported the collective plan.  The book detailed an annual family beach trip to La Playa, and how a new road to Surfdom changed the traffic patters and almost turning La Playa into a ghost town.  People lost their homes and businesses were either forced to move to the new town or close their doors.  This book helped explain collectivism vs individualism to my daughter in a more relatable way.

Their other books include:

child looking at a The Tuttle Twins book in the series | sahmplus.com

The Tuttle Twins Learn About the Law – Though laws are designed in an attempt to protect our life, liberty, and property, the twins learn that some laws (and loopholes) can actually hurt people and allow theft.

The Tuttle Twins and the Miraculous Pencil – The Tuttle Twins learn about the free market!

The Tuttle Twins and the Creature From Jekyll Island – The Tuttle Twins learn about the history and nature of banking, money, inflation, savings, and bartering.

The Tuttle Twins and the Food Truck Fiasco – The Tuttle Twins learn about economics and how the government can harm it.

The Tuttle Twins and the Golden Rule – The Tuttle Twins learn that, while many people disagree on many ideas, most can still agree on the “golden rule”.

The Tuttle Twins and the Search for Atlas – The Tuttle Twins learn how things can fall apart in a society when socialism creeps in.

The Tuttle Twins and their Spectacular Show Business – The Tuttle Twins are learning about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and competition.

Learning with The Tuttle Twins

At the end of each book, a glossary and discussion questions are provided to help parents continue the discussion of the conservative ideas presented in the book.  Additionally, when you purchase the entire collection, you’ll have access to the additional activity workbooks to really drive home the subject.

What Age Are the Tuttle Twins Books For?

Originally, The Tuttle Twins books were designed to teach conservative values and freedom to children between the ages of 5 & 11 years.

They have since expanded and offer books for toddlers through teens.

Are the Tuttle Twins Books Religious?

We did not come across any religious views in the books we were provided although the first book was based on an essay written in 1850 that discussed God as the source of our rights which was a popular opinion at the time.

Read what they have to say about this here.

Child reading a book from the conservative children's book collection from The Tuttle Twins | sahmplus.com

Pick up your copy of The Tuttle Twins series

You can get your own set of The Tuttle Twins Books here and use code SAHMPLUSBLOG!  When you purchase the entire series, you’ll get all of the activity workbooks for FREE, which is an additional $40 value.

Additionally, you can always check for the latest The Tuttle Twins promotion codes on Dealspotr to make sure you’re getting the best deal!

Originally published Aug 9, 2018; updated on Jun 26, 2020


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These sound amazing! We definitely want to teach our little our conservative values. I’ll have to remember these books when our son is school-age.

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