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16 Awesome Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

by Ivy B

What happened to the days we sat around dyeing Easter eggs as a family?

Oh wait … I remember trying to do that when I was a kid.  Dipping eggs into the strong smelling vinegar dyeing solution.  And, we weren’t very creative with that stuff.  I distinctly remember dunking our eggs in the dye.  About the extent of our creations were maybe to try to dip only half of the egg in one color, and then the other half in another color.

We were lucky if we didn’t end up with the dye on our hands while trying to make dual colored eggs.

I don’t have much patience for the messy stuff, personally.  But, I found a few amazing Easter egg decorating ideas that don’t seem like such a mess.

And the chalkboard Easter eggs!  How cute is that for the little kids?

16 unique Easter egg decorating ideas for all ages

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16 Awesome Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Fuzzy Chicks Easter Eggs Decorating from Easy Peasy and Fun

Decoupage Easter Eggs from Gym Craft Laundry

Decorate Easter Eggs with Tattoos from A Mom’s Take

DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs from Sugar Spice and Glitter

Ninjago Easter Eggs from Gym Craft Laundry

Silk Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs from A Crafted Passion

DIY Dyed Ombre Easter Eggs from Honey and Lime

Toddler Twist for Egg Dyeing from 3 Boys and a Dog

Painted Polka Dot Easter Eggs from Girl Creative

Natural Easter Egg Dyes from The Jenny Evolution

Marbled Easter Eggs from The Thrifty Couple

Decorate Easter Eggs with Lace and Cheese Cloth from Outnumbered 3 to 1

Easy, No-Mess Glitter Easter Eggs from Creative Green Living

DIY Flower Easter Eggs from Pizzazzerie

Washi Tape Easter Eggs from Divine Lifestyle

DIY Paper Mache Eggs from The Jenny Evolution

Okay, I’m having some trouble picking out my favorite Easter egg decorating ideas here!  I think the silk tie-dyed eggs are beautiful and the tattooed eggs are a great idea!!

Tell me: what was your favorite Easter Egg decorating idea here?

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