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DIY Felt Christmas Tree for Toddlers

by Ivy B

I love this DIY felt Christmas tree for toddlers and your tot will love it to.  The crafting possibilities are endless as to what you can do with this tree and gives your kiddo the opportunity to decorate and redecorate to their heart’s content!

For Christmas last year, we couldn’t bear to put up a regular Christmas tree with the baby walking  – filled with anxiety by the potential for disaster.  I was searching for how to give a toddler a Christmas tree in our small home because I thought it was important she have a tree to admire for Christmas #2 and stumbled on the idea of a felt Christmas tree.  It was brilliant and I knew instantly that I needed to make one.

DIY felt Christmas tree for toddlers with felt Christmas tree ornaments - endless toddler fun this christmas with a large felt christmas tree for kids | www.sahmplus.com
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I dove in head-first to the project without a single idea about how to work with felt.  Then, my anal-retentive, almost perfectionist Aries trait kicked in, reminding me of why I don’t do crafts.  I stared at the large felt piece before me blankly.  I couldn’t just cut without a plan … I’d have a crooked tree with branches that weren’t even close to mirror image.  *sigh*  Yep, this is why arts and crafts aren’t typically on my to do list.  I over think, over analyze, and totally take the fun out of it.

I finally figured out my game plan and constructed the most wonderful toddler felt tree I’d ever seen (not that I’d seen many).  When finished, I was amazed at how much I loved this project, and even have plans for additions to this year’s tree that I didn’t have time to complete last year.

What’s the best part of this tree?  Baby girl was allowed to play with all the ornaments without fear of breakage and she was able to decorate her tree over and over again as she saw fit.  When Christmas was over, I was no longer bothered that she didn’t have a real tree to put presents under 🙂

Supplies you need for a toddler felt Christmas tree

Green felt by the yard

Really good fabric scissors

Felt in various colors

How to make a Toddler Felt Christmas Tree

First, I put a large swatch of green felt, folded in half to make a tall rectangle on a table (I used my coffee table).  Then, I lay a bunch of paper down to sketch the outline of a tree.  I started with pencil to get the look I wanted.  Once I had it drawn to my liking, I went over the pencil markings with permanent marker.

sketch on paper to start cutting a toddler felt Christmas tree | www.sahmplus.com

Once I had my sketch done, I cut through the paper and both side of the felt, because I like symmetry.  It’s important to use extremely sharp scissors … if you’ve used scissors for other paper crafts, your scissors will probably be too dull for this project.  Find a brand new sharp pair of scissors and save them for only felt and fabric crafts.

This is what the tree looked like once cut.

the toddler felt christmas tree has been cut, ready for felt ornaments | www.sahmplus.com

Once I was satisfied with the tree, I could work on various felt Christmas Tree ornaments for the kiddo to place and replace to her heart’s content!  In order to create the various ornaments, I found that creating shapes out of paper first and pinning them to the felt helped me get nearly consistent shapes.

Creating ornaments for a toddler felt christmas tree | www.sahmplus.com

This is what the entire tree looked like when I completed it.  I’m pretty happy with it and the toddler was too!

Toddler felt Christmas tree complete with felt ornaments and candy canes | www.sahmplus.com

If you’re limited on craft time but desire a toddler felt Christmas Tree, contact me! I’d be happy to provide my services for a fee based on time and materials and save you the trouble of doing it yourself.  Tree and ornaments will be hand-cut, so no two sets will be alike.

If you want to do this project yourself, why not grab this two page printable of starter ornaments for your toddler felt Christmas tree?  Just subscribe to my email newsletter to receive free access to my resource library full of fabulous resources for parents!

subscribe to newsletter for a free printable of starter tree ornaments for your toddler felt christmas tree | www.sahmplus.com

How Do You Hang Felt on the Wall?

Try using adhesive strips!  So as to keep the weight of the felt from pulling itself off the wall, use plenty of adhesive strips on the corners and press hard against the wall so that they attach to the felt.

As the kids got older and could be trusted, we started using thumb tacks.  Don’t use this method with little ones without supervision OR if you don’t want holes in the walls.


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Echo November 30, 2017 - 1:22 pm

This is so cute and a great way to get them to leave the real tree alone!

Bri December 1, 2017 - 12:40 am

This is SO cute! I’m totally making one of these this weekend. My tree is up and so far so good but I’m worried about my 2 year old. This will be the perfect way to redirect him to his very own tree. My older kids will have fun with it too. And you weren’t too lazy to do this one! I think you might have a crafter deep down inside you after all.

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Janice January 17, 2020 - 4:25 pm

This is what the entire tree looked like when I completed it. I’m pretty happy with it and the toddler was too!
Yes, That is soi beautiful – Amazing!

Jimi sewing February 5, 2020 - 9:48 pm

WOW, this is awesome. Can you please make one for valentine day?

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Teresa December 2, 2020 - 10:36 pm

How does the ornaments stick to the tree ?

Ivy B December 5, 2020 - 12:36 pm

Felt sticks to felt 🙂

retainingwallsatl December 13, 2020 - 3:50 am

I’ve had to think about having a toddler-friendly Christmas. I pulled out our toddler felt Christmas Tree for the first time in about 4 years. This is what the entire tree looked like when I completed it. I’m pretty happy with it and the toddler was too. This is what the entire tree looked like when I completed it. I’m pretty happy with it and the toddler was too.

cookie clicker November 9, 2021 - 2:27 am

This is a great way to prepare for Christmas in a way that is not boring. Stay away from sharp objects, you can call the kids to lend a hand

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