Blogging & Social Media: January Income with IZEA

by Ivy B
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January IZEA income from twitter #ivysvariety

I’m only just starting to get used to making any sort of “income” from my blogging efforts.  Generally, I don’t get paid much, if anything from sponsored posts (I’m usually happy simply receiving free items to review) and I rarely get people to click affiliate links and make purchases.  I’m okay with that, but I do like to generate some sort of income, even if it’s just to help us pay for some hobbies or buy a couple presents throughout the year.

I found IZEA offered a bit of extra income while using my blog and well-set social media channels to make bids on available projects.  Mostly, I’ve been bidding on paid tweets, but Izea offers so much more!

To make the most of Izea, you need to link as many social media (and blog) outlets as you have.  Once you’re set up, you’ll notice a list of available projects open for bidding in the “Sponsorship” area.  You place bids on open items and occasionally you may receive a direct offer, which doesn’t count against your 3 bids for the month.  A basic (free) membership allows you to bid on 3 projects per month, but you have two paid options which give you unlimited bids every month.  Initially, I remained on the free plan, but once I accrued more than $12 in my account, I switched to the $1 per month plan.  This gives me unlimited bids, and lowers the payout threshold to $50 (versus $100 threshold on the free plan).

Let me show you my January earnings, because I think seeing concrete numbers puts things into perspective, quickly.

IZEA blogging and social media income January #ivysvariety
January twitter earnings using IZEA

Remember, I said I have only taken paid tweet opportunities at this point?  Let me give you some basic statistics to understand how you may wish to pitch your bids.

On Twitter, I have over 4100 followers, so I was bidding $3.50 per tweet, but had bumped it up to $4.00 per tweet.  My increase did not stop advertisers from choosing me.  So, I guess I’m averaging roughly $1.00 per thousand followers on twitter.  I also did an experiment and bid $5.00 on a few tweets in February with my followers at about 4200, and advertisers still have not been swayed.  Here’s a snapshot of my January IZEA earnings which have been paid to my account (not cash out).

Understand, this isn’t money in my pocket at this point.  My aim is to keep enough money in my account to pay the monthly fees for at least an entire year.  The fee will be deducted from my earnings on a monthly basis, and I’d prefer to keep it that way so that I’m not money on our credit card.

At this point, having used the free basic account to accrue funds to pay for a paid membership, I’ve turned my hard work on building my social media accounts into a self-sustaining money maker, so long as they continue to post opportunities.

Important to note: I haven’t taken any blogging or other social media outlet opportunities thus far, so I cannot vouch for the income potential in those opportunities.  Click my referral link below to join IZEA and start working on your income potential too!  Please note, that by using my referral link, I may make a commission off of you, but it will not take away from your own earning potential!

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