Centrum Flavor Burst: Adult Multivitamin Chews – Review

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I recently received a sample of Centrum Flavor Burst Multivitamin Chews in exchange for my opinion from Smiley360!  Following are my thoughts on the Multivitamin, which was in no way swayed by the free sample and coupon received.
Do you like candy?  Okay, I’m not one to sit around eating candy all the time, but even these make taking your daily vitamins enjoyable.  The Centrum Flavor Burst Chews I received were in Wild Grape flavor and they reminded me of Skittles with the thin crunchy shell and chewy center.  The sample provided 1/2 a serving, so 2 of 4 chews recommended.  I could see where taking 4 chews would be easy, and even easier to take more than the recommended serving as well.
There are two possible flaws with such a yummy vitamin:
1) Trying to keep the kids away from your “candy”
2) Stopping yourself from eating a handful or two when you’re in a candy craze

Grab a $2 Coupon here if you’re interested in trying the Flavor Burst Chews based on my review!

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