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Could You Live in a Tiny Home?

by Ivy B

Preparing for an overnight trip to visit The Florida Aquarium in Tampa, as well as my husband’s work travel to Dallas, I spent 3 full days cleaning our large 2 story house of over 2000 square feet.  Let me tell you that I am in no way boasting about the size of our home because it’s in many ways too large for us.  We’re pack rats and our daughter has way too many toys.  I admit it.  I’m sometimes ashamed of it.  When I have to cram cleaning and laundry into three straight days, I’m downright exhausted and frustrated by the size of this house and the amount of stuff.  This time around, I began to fantasize about those spectacular tiny houses.

could you live in a tiny house?
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You see, I’m intrigued by the simplicity of life that is required to live in a tiny house.  To be honest, however, our family doesn’t have what it takes to live that simple life.  I’m somewhat jealous of those who are capable of it.  I can’t imagine how much time I’d save in cleaning or the amount of stuff we couldn’t accumulate!  Everything we’d own would be necessity.  Unfortunately, at this moment, I consider our many luxuries more like necessities and I’m pretty sure my husband would agree.

So, I’ll leave it to fantasizing.  Perhaps I can convince hubby in our later years to convert once the kiddo is grown and moved off to college.  My pitch will be:  more land and money for a larger workshop with more cars and less house maintenance.  Then, I’ll benefit by less housework.

Could you live in a tiny home?  If so, what style would you like?  I can’t decide if I’d want a modern structure or something classic.

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